Last night I dreamed a terrible dream
That God had ceased to be
And a darkness fell across the land
That shrivelled and died, as did the sea-
The moon fell down and the sun burnt out
And nothing existed but me.

There was no wailing or crying
In the vast empty space

The silence awesome to hear
And I floated alone in a place without God
My existence governed by fear.

I longed again for the things that I knew
The sun and the moon and the stars
The land I had toiled with the sea at the door
And my family and friends now so far.

I cried for a God, the God I had known
But thought I knew better than He
I had turned my back on the things He had asked
And chose my own destiny.

I thought I was smart and joined the throng
That questioned the existence of God
I'd come from the apes, evolution was strong
It was easy to be one of the mob.

And so I floated in a lone, empty state
No sorrow, no joy, just a fear
For the things I had sought had no meaning now
And I cried for my God to draw near

He heard my call in the void and the space
And His message to me was clear
'I AM' He said as He touched the sun
And the earth and the sky rent the sphere.

The silence roared with the harshness of sound
Light and darkness flared as one
And all things spun in a spiral so fast
Falling, falling, past the rising sun.

With a shuddering scream I woke from my dream
From a nightmare more fearsome than death
But I remembered His words as He touched the sun
And felt the love and the life of His breath.

© Helen Catherine Cramer

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