There's A Photo In The Kitchen

I've placed your photo in the kitchen
Where 1 spend a great part of the day
To greet me in the morning at breakfast
And the final meal of the day.

In the kitchen we discussed school activities
Your problems, your hurts and your joys;
In the kitchen you confided your secrets
And your like for a particular boy.

In the kitchen we often argued
As mothers and daughters do
And in the kitchen we kissed away grievance
Rather than continue the blue.

For at times our opinions varied
When mother and child couldn't meet,
Yet love we knew would conquer
Whatever our problems and grief.

In the kitchen we laughed at each other
And shared our ambitions and joys
And the family gathered together
In a room accustomed to noise.

As I turn my eyes to your photo
I notice where it has been placed
And though it was without intention
I'm glad to see your face
Alongside that of the Holy Family
In whose care you have always been placed.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Whom better could we place our trust
To love you our darling daughter
Now that you have gone from us,

On that final journey unknown
To those that are left behind
A journey we all encounter
God's promise to all mankind.

If we love and serve Him truly
He'll he standing by our side
To guide us home to Heaven
Where for eternity we'll all abide.

Our family circle is broken
The kitchen now so quiet
Though your photo gazes upon us
From morning until night

And tears instead of laughter
And prayer instead of talk
Have changed the scene in the kitchen
Where the battles of life were fought;
Where we shared each others' ambitions,
Shared our sorrows and joys.

Yet as I look to Mary, our mother,
Saint Joseph and Jesus the boy
I know that you're safe with God's family
Living though parted from me
Happy at home in God's Heaven
Where one day united we'll be.
© Helen Catherine Cramer
17th November 1981
Icon painted by
Helen Catherine Cramer
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