I saw them there, felt their stares
As I, informally clad, went the altar
With nay a falter; to lay my prayers

At our Lady's altar.

Their faces shone, for the earthly bond
That was soon to bless a son and daughter,
In love's sweet tie of matrimony.

The bridegroom waited the bride to come
And 1 thought of you.

My tears flowed deep
And wet my cheek,
Tearing sorrow through my soul did seep
And 1 thought of you.

No bridal gown will 1 behold,
No child in rapture for a groom to hold,
1 thought of you.

And as 1 made my journey home,
1 searched the sky for Heaven's dome,
And saw a cloud edged with light
And thought of you.

Ah what a vision 1 beheld
Caught in clouds sweet marriage spell,
For there 1 saw you a bride of Christ
Wed forever in eternal life.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
18th march 1983
From Book Day By Day
© Photography Flowers Helen Catherine Cramer

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