I wondered at God's wisdom
Until 1 saw the tree
Its trunk was old and withered
Though a sapling 1 could see
And 1 knew that it would wither
Just as the parent tree
Unless 1 moved it carefully
To a better place to be.

And So 1 had to sever
As harsh as it may seem
The sapling from its parent
Their roots entwined as one
And move to another garden
Where its leaves could feel the sun.

It would grow to its full beauty
Birds would nestle in its leaves
And it would no longer have to struggle
Just a tree to be.
So when God in all His wisdom
Looked down upon my child
He knew she'd flourish better
If moved to Paradise.

He had to sever harshly
As did 1 the limb
But His love then moved her gently
So that she could be with Him

In a garden free from trouble
Nurtured with His love
Where life goes on forever
Free from fear and pain and strife.

Life is there eternal
And loved ones finally meet;
In a haven full of sunshine

A haven blessed with love,
By God the world's creator
Whose wisdom can forsee,
When it's time to call us home to Him;
A better place to be.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
28th December 1981
© Photography: Helen Catherine Cramer

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