The Shoes

Blue and muddy with grubby cords
A pair of shoes returned to mourn
The vibrant body that said goodbye
The day my darling before you died.

You stood before me eyes so bright
Tattered jeans and full of life
You kissed my lips and I kissed yours
Mother's scolding, mother’s scorn
For shoes so grubby with tattered cords
Now left my darling for me to mourn.

Oh silent shoes, why so quiet
You led my daughter from my life
To the football field and party's glee
A journey which took her away from me.

Oh hateful shoes, which dared to tread
A path unknown, a parent's dread
You took my daughter and now she's dead.

Oh silent shoes, sit on my floor
To remind me of what was before
The loving kiss and arms outheld
To assure her mum that all was well.
The vibrant body full of life
The loving arms which held me tight -
A laugh, a scold and final embrace
Which closed the door on her dear, dear face.

Oh loving shoes, sit on my floor
You took my Cathy to God's door
She knocked, He answered, and took her in
Her young heart happy and smiling.

           © Helen Catherine Cramer
         19th September 1981 
                   ©Photography: Helen Catherine Cramer
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