The Porch

Why dark the porch and locked the door?
It's never been like that before.
Why lights turned off in the entrance hall?
It's never been like that before.

No more the need to test the door
No more the need the porch to light
The child we left it unlocked for
Entered instead Heaven's door –
Where darkness we know will never fall.

Yet, if 1 could I'd light the way
Through the lonely empty hall,
Turn the key, unlock the door
So that my child could be with me.

Still, yet one day, she'll light my way
And turn the key to welcome me
Through the door she went instead
The day they said that she was dead.

And then I'll know the mystery
Which took my child away from me
And wonder why 1 grieved so great
When Heaven's such a better place

© Helen Catherine Cramer
23rd October 1981
©Photography: Helen Catherine Cramer

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