Have you ever noticed that the loveliest skies
Are those with cloud and light;
Heavy darkened rain filled clouds,
Spaced with a blunted knife -

A passage way to further yond,
A sky still blue and bright.

And if you watch and search the sky,
You'll see the pattern change,
As light falls down on the darkest cloud
And touches the edge with white;

Then in the distance, mountains loom
Volcano reds and blue;
Changing patterns of the clouds,
Throw in a stream or two.

And so it is with the walk of life,
God holds us in His care;
We'll feel the darkness of our plight,
At times we'll feel despair.

But then the light will touch our souls,
His loving grace repair;
The heavy burden of our thirst,
Quenched in answer to a prayer.

© Helen Catherine Cramer

From book Day by Day
© Photography Helen Catherine Cramer
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