When the pain's so great
That tears can't flow
To calm the aching of my soul
I remember the cross where Jesus hung
And the woman who saw her son
Scourged and crowned with blooded thorns
Mocked the road to Calvary.

I see her standing at the cross
Silent tears, a mother's love
Watch her son tormented there
For death she knows He has to bear.

No soothing balm to ease His pain
No helping hands His life regain
For it was written that He must die
God's only son for you and I
That we may live eternal life
Protected always in His light.

You my child died in love
Your pain was eased with human care
Yet Christ was tortured all the way
A pain His mother had to bear.

So when I grieve I think of her
Standing quietly by the cross
And pray that God will take my pain
And bless it in His mother's name
That the passion of her son
Life eternal for all souls has won.

        © Helen Catherine Cramer
19th March 1982  
                 © Graphic by Rosemary Colarosso

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