The Breeze

Just the faintest touch upon my face
And a leaf stirs softly in its wake
As a breeze unseen caresses earth
And all things living know its worth.

A breeze we say is in the air
And though not seen we know it's there
By the very nature of its work
Man acknowledges the breezes worth.

A howling wind, dust that blows
Fallen trees, roaring seas
We acknowledge the wind, yet cannot see
But for the destruction that it leaves.

When man doubts God
His eyes are closed
To all creation and his soul;
For though unseen, still He's there
And the very nature of His work
Should remind us always of His worth.

If the breeze, the wind and air we breath
Are not visible for man's eyes to see
And we call them by name, have no doubt they exist
Why then God's loving does man resist.

When He calls home our loved ones
nd we fret and we grieve
Because their dear faces we no longer can see
Remember the breeze, the wind and the air
Though now not visible, we know they are there.

Safe in God's keeping, though sight now unseen
And in stillness we'll feel them just as the breeze
Caressing our spirits in these bodies enclosed
Comforting assurance their souls are reposed.

So seek not the visible
Rather seek thee thy God
And the Spirit within will carry the rod
Until the flesh that is mortal
Is eased of its pain
And all spirits immortal are united again.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
From the book Tomorrow's Dawn

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