'Each moment passed today
Is a memory for tomorrow.'

In a letter 1 had written
And was reading through once more,
One word could not escape me
Repeated passed the score.

At the time 1 hadn't realised
Nor given it much thought,
But in the reading of the letter
I knew that perhaps 1 ought.

Just a simple little word,
The youngest child can rhyme,
Such a simple little word
Four letters spell out time.

Time in which we're born
Our span of life on earth,
Time which governs all of us
No matter our mode of birth.

As I read again the letter,
My moments writing gone;
I looked towards the morrows
And the hopes to build thereon.

1 wondered how He'd judged me,
The time I'd spent today,
And prayed 1 had not wasted
The time of yesterday.

Time passes ere so quickly,
Tomorrows die along the way,
So that the time of all tomorrows
Is what we do today.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
From book 'Day by Day'
Photography Helen Catherine Cramer

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