Have you ever sat in the stillness
Heard across the sound of time
Listened to the waves of silence
And marvelled its music and rhyme.

Have you ever looked to the heavens
Seen past the sight of the sky
Gazed far beyond its beauty
And pondered and wondered why?

Have you ever walked in a garden
Breathing the perfume it gave
Sensed the fragrance of roses
Saved a violet from its grave.

Have you ever touched the lonely
Felt the response to your love
Held in your arms one forsaken
And yearned for a God above.

Have you ever spoken in anger
But then breathed a word of peace
Felt the hostility soften
The fury inside you cease.

Do you ever thank God for the wonders
He allows you to share in life
The hearing and seeing and touching
Or is your voice forever quiet?

© Helen Catherine Cramer
©Photography: Helen Catherine Cramer

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