So often now I lift my eyes
Up towards Heaven, within the sky
I like it busied with a coloured hue
For it's then I search with dreams of you.

I wonder where within the sky
God has chosen Paradise,
To keep you safe from this life's woes
To protect you from hidden foes.

Early sunrise is the best
Yet with sunset my soul does rest
For only God could create a day
That man can trust, come what may
To start and finish in such a way.

And when the sky is soft with clouds
Wrapt in beauty of a shroud
I search beyond the crowded skies
Search beyond to Paradise.

Storms and tempest come what may
Lightning, thunder seem to say
Fear thee not for I am here
And I'll dry up all your tears;

I'm by your side, I'll hold your hand
Because my child 1 understand
And through life's journey I'll guide the way
To lead you to my Paradise.

And when the sky is lit with stars
Or emptied black without a moon
My eyes still roam for the hidden view
And my spirit reaches out to you

For somewhere there within the sky
God has chosen Paradise
And in His Love I'll place my trust
To ease my spirit's surging pain
Until we meet with Him again.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
5th December 1981
Photography© Helen Catherine Cramer

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