Helen Catherine Cramer
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Love is like a light
Some stronger than another
So that when it goes out
The hurt is deeper

Love is a strange, unexplainable thing
It knows no reason, nor follows any form

It doesn't guarantee happiness
Nor does it promise to last forever
It doesn't ease the pain of living
Or nourish us and keep us warm.

And yet we search for it
The heart with fleeting and evasive joys
How sweetly mad it is

And how sublime.


Love came slowly
And entered the door of my heart

Without warning.
Disguised in other names
It had stood on the threshold

Silent and patient
Friend and comforter
Whilst I blundered through.

Miserable though I was
I had chased the unobtainable
Angry with rejection I had suffered fools
And all the time true love waited
And it was you.

Love comes in many shades
In many different hues
From the brightest to the darkest
I've shared them all with you.

I've loved you from beginning
When first you smiled at me
I've loved you through our turmoil
And loved you through our glee.

I'll love you till the dawning
Until the end of time
I'll love you when God calling
Says to me your mine.

As a rose without thorns

Is no rose at all
Love without trust

Will never weather a storm
Love without trial

has never entered a gale
And love unless nourished

Will wither and fail

A boat on still waters
Is easy to steer
Birds soar high the quiet sky
Without rhyme nor with fear:
But the journey of life
Is not quite so clear.

The seasons are coloured
With both joy and with tears
And the pathway one walks
Not so easy to steer

Its beauty is pricked
By many a thorn
But love will endure
Where true love is born.
Do I have to stop being me
To be loved by you
Do I have to die to myself
Or speak words not true
Do I have to bow to your will
Yet keep loving you still,
Do I have to stop being me
To be loved by you?

Goodbye my love - it cannot be
For the love you have is not for me,
Goodbye to dreams
That may have been
Goodbye my love, goodbye from me.

I cried for love
But did not know
That first my love
I had to show.

I yearned that you
Would show you cared
But never thought
How love was shared.

I did not know
For love to stay
That first we must
It give away.

And so my love
I give to you
And ask nought back -
But your love too.
Why does love cause such pain?
It is supposed to be a gentle thing.
Should it be harnessed, held in rein
Less it sting
Once bitten;
Is pain the price of love?

The cynical laugh,
Give and take it freely;
A word from the mouth
But not from the heart
Bantered, a passing feeling.

Love is tempered in a mother's womb
Taken rather than giving,
For what does an embryo know of love
But the right it has for living.

A child who's born where love abounds
Will thrive and take it freely
But soon begins to misunderstand
And search for another meaning.

Love hurts -
It hurts the child
Confused with growing
It hurts the parents tired of knowing
It hurts the lover, if rejected
It hurts the lover so selected.

Love heals -
It heals the broken hearted
And forgives the unforgiving
It is God's gift to us
A powerful source when we set it free;
A gift from God Who gave His son
Because of His love for you and me.

Time ago when I was young
I thought that love would never die
That once ‘twas found would last for life
No matter turmoil, toil or strife.

Foolish me, I did not know
That love is like the rive flow.
Choke the passage of its way
Block the current and love won’t stay.

Smother it with bitter words
Broken trust and jealous curds
Love will die just as the day
And so you, my love, went away.

I Found Love
I found love in the silence of my own thoughts
I found love in my heart
I found love in the quietness of listening
In the stillness
To the call of birds.

I found love in the clouds
A powder puff drifting by
In the blueness of the sky
I found love.
My love,
Though not returned I give to you,
And look upon your face
As does one loved upon their dead,
With such yearning,
That into my soul an image is burnt,
Loved, and
As the boomerang will return.

It was just a whisper,
The touch of a butterfly wing
On my cheek,
Your lips warm to my skin
Parted, breathed, then pulled away.
Oh what bliss!

It was then I fell in love.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
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