Thank you for the memories
Of your little ways
Which I shall cherish always
Until my dying day.

You would shock me with a statement
Or make a chance remark
Then across your shoulder
You would give a little laugh.

You would leave the room in anger
Or sometimes just to tease
But always at the doorway
You turned to look at me.

Just your head turned sideways
You thought I didn’t see
The glance that searched for meaning
When you looked at me.

And for just a second
Our eyes would meet and hold
No need that words be spoken
Your eyes the story told.

I’d play the game you visaged
And my eyes would follow you
For I knew you would turn for meaning
On our different points of view.

And I’d reach out as your mother
And our love would close the gap
So that we could be together
Despite a little lapse.

And your head turned sideways
I see now at my door
And your eyes still searching
I’ll cherish forever more

But I know you’ve found the wisdom
That I am still to know
For God has ceased your yearning
And blessed your troubled soul

And I feel your smile upon me
With the love I felt before
And your eyes within the doorway
That are
searching there no more

You look at me with wisdom
A message now to give
Of God and His promised Kingdom
Where for eternity we again shall live.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
From Book Tomorrow's Dawn

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