I Asked of The Lord
I asked of the lord in my despair
Why have you sent me this crown to wear
The cross is heavy
And bears me down
The load too great for me to bear.

Around me others seem to walk
A path well paved -
No hidden fork.
They have no cross upon their backs
No hidden load for them to hack.

'Why, oh why?'
I ask you lord.

When I was young I tried to please
My dreams were simple, life a breeze
Love was all around me then
And any hurts would quickly mend.

So why this crown you've sent to me?
A cross which knows no sympathy.

If you would, I beg you lord
Find me a cross without a thorn,
One which is more easy borne
A love that I can easy mourn.

Then in my grief I seem to hear
A familiar voice of one held dear
And in my dreams I see a face
And walk with you to another place.

The crown of sorrow changes there
As though it's made for me to bear
And oh how different it seems to be
Knowing lord you walk with me.

The cross I wore now just a weight
To prepare me for eternal faith,
Thank you lord for guiding me
Through life's path
My destiny.

               © Helen Catherine Cramer
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