Grief is but a sadness
Of loved ones gone from sight
Memories which taunt
Because they've gone to another life.

No more familiar faces
No more a fond embrace
Memories bring such yearning
To see a loved one's face.

Yet if we stop to think a little
And still our quiet despair
We'll hear the voice within us
Assuring us they're there.

At last in God's safe keeping
At last life's journey done
In keep with God's promise
When He gave His only son.

And though we cannot see them
Nor touch a loved one's face
They reach out in their loving
And pray for us God's grace.

And voices which we yearn for
And seek throughout the quiet
Will touch our souls in meaning
And whisper of the other life.

Where death has lost its meaning
And sorrow gives way to joy
A haven full of loving
Which man cannot destroy.

A place where they await us
And watch our progress through
This life which God has given
Until we're born anew.

© Helen Catherine Cramer
From book Tomorrow's Dawn
© Photography - Helen Catherine Cramer
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