Friday Night

The phone is still your voice unheard
Yet 'tis Friday night
Oh still still night,
What memories lay of other nights
Your eager bursts to be about
The things to do – a weekend due.

School is out, your books are swapped
For records blazing, the noise is crazy
Yet how 1 long to hear again
The constant ring, the hectic din.
Baths that run
Blowers blow -
The hair that took so long to grow.
Voice in tune to the latest hit,
Oh sweet sweet voice
Is it that 1 miss?

Friday night, so still so quiet
It's as though 1 live another life
Seventeen years wiped off so clean
That with memories only I'm left to dream
Of my child now gone, too far to hold
Of Friday nights and phones that ring,
Silent now the hectic din.

Then in the silence of the house
My soul to God reaches out.
He understands and whispers low
She's not too far for me to hold,
So wipe your tears and be assured
It's Friday night through Heaven's door.

©Helen Catherine Cramer
From Book Tomorrow’s Dawn

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