Chapter One. The Search
I don't know
When I arrived at where I'm at.
There seemed to be
No bridging period
From child to teen.
A child
A boy,

The world was made for boys
Free to taste the living,
Throbbing hub of the world
Into which I had been born.

Seasons of the year,
Nature called forth my search
And I was happy.

Then I awoke one morning,
Or was it night?
From this cocoon
And all seemed grey.

Sweetness has left the earth
To be replaced by
The odour of fear.

If I don't know why
How can I expect anybody else to tell me?

I look at my friends
They seem the same
But are they?
For they look at me
Yet know not how I feel.

There must be an answer
And when I find it
I shall let you know.
                      ©Helen Catherine Cramer

©Photography - Helen Catherine Cramer
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