A Peg Made Of Steel.

My grief was great
As 1 remembered the night
You didn't come home.

You kissed me goodbye
And you didn't come home.

So 1 looked at the sky,
And 1 wept deep inside,
As 1 remembered the night
When you didn't come home.

It was there as before,
The sky of God's lore,
Misted in evening,
Now coloured with grieving.

My fingers found comfort
In a peg made of steel,
And 1 grasped the peg firmly
My heartache to heal.
Just bricks made of mortar
Supported it there,
And 1 leant 'gainst their comfort
And cried out in prayer.

What then is this message
Which stops my despair?

'The steel you're now holding,
Though strong it may be,
Is just but a twig compared to Me.

Grasp my hands firmly,
Reach out to my care,
For 1 am right here beside you
To stop your despair.

I'll lift you through sorrow,
I'll bless you with joy;
Just walk through tomorrow
And my light you shall see,
Where the parting of death
Has clear meaning to thee.'
    © Helen Catherine Cramer
20th August 1993

     From Book Day by Day

© Photography Helen Catherine Cramer
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