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Tuesday October 9th 2012

The Growth of a Lie’
Helen Catherine Cramer

Writing is in her blood:
Helen Cramer is thrilled she has achieved her dream of publishing a novel.
Picture: Jane Dyson

First-time novelist at 85
Says you're never too old

                               By Belinda Connolly

IT is never too late to follow your dreams, says Helen Catherine Cramer, 85, who after a lifelong love of the written word, has self-published her first novel.
            Mrs Cramer has written several non-fiction books but ‘Lost Identity – The Growth of a Lie’ is her first foray into fiction.
            As a child she wrote "tearjerker" stories for her mum about the harsh realities of living through war and as she grew older she continued writing short stories whenever she found the time.
            She moved to writing longer works of fiction as "I've always wanted to write a novel", she said. "I slaved along for years and some of the book [features] my own experiences," she said.

            Lost Identity covers the classic topics of love, tragedy and intrigue and is set in rural Australia and Britain . At the heart of the story is a lie told without thought or plan.
            Mrs Cramer, of Oyster Bay , wrote her first books on a typewriter and said computers and modern editing software made the process easier.
            "You're never too old to do anything and I object to people saying I'm too old," she said.
            "I've got writing in me, I'll always keep writing — I have another 50,000 novels in my head:

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