The National Dog Newspaper May 1970

   A pet cocker spaniel bitch - with an, eye for the mongrel dog next door - was Mrs. Helen Cramer's introduction to dog breeding and exhibiting.
   Sitting in the spacious lounge of the double storied Cramer home one can hardly realise that the perfection of the Myoene Collies, kennels and runs could have had such a middling start. The home is set in three acres of park-like gardens and lawns overlooking the glimmering waters of Oyster Bay, near Sydney. In keeping with the house the kennel block of grooming room (with a full size porcelain bath and fully tiled sick bay and spacious kennels are constructed of each-coloured texture brick.Behind the kennels is a half-acre lawn paddock for the adult dogs with a slightly smaller lawn paddock for puppies in front of the kennels.
    The puppy yard is raised to eye level above the pathway House to the kennels so that both Helen and her husband a doctor, can constantly observe the growth, soundness and character of their young stock. The puppies, like their owners, have a panoramic view of the glistening Oyster Bay.

   ABOVE: The elevated puppy yard in front of the Myoene Kennels where puppies can be under constant surveillance.

   BELOW: A dog's - eye view from the kennels overlooking picturesque Oyster Bay, near Sydney.

               AND THE VIEW


  With every conceivable facility at their disposal, it is little wonder that the Cramers have produced a line of Collies in 13 years that have taken their competitors much longer to match and records which read like a 'life time in dogs'. In these 13 years they have produced three generations of Best-in Show All Breeds winner:

  • Ch. Myoene Charmer

  • Ch. Myoene Prima Donna

  • Ch. Myoene Big Daddy

   And five individual dogs that have won best-in show awards. Like most conscientious breeder and exhibitors they consider the Sydney Royal to be a yardstick of their success and, at these shows they have won three Individual challenges; four reserve challenges; two group winners; best bitch In show all breeds.
    Diet plays a large part in the development of the Myoene Collies. A special diet of herbs supplements, the normal meat ration and once a week the adult dogs are fasted.
    I know of no other kennel where kennel architecture, exercise, grooming, feeding and breeding programme combine in such an intrinsic manner.
  Both Helen and Erle are official judges for collies and shetland sheepdogs and look pleasantly back over the past 13 years. But to look through the large plate glass windows at these glorious collies romping and playing makes one realise that it is a foundation which will leave Its mark on many future generations.

Ch. Myoene Big Daddy 'King' of the kennels in a perfect study
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