Encouraging year

 ALL aspects of the world of dogs in 1962 were encouraging. Many clubs exceeded 1000 dog mark, although generally entries were slightly down at a few of the bigger shows particularly those conducted on Saturdays. The calendar was full with more than 292 obedience tests, championship shows and non-slip retrieving trials.

In the early shows, Dr. and Mrs Cramer’s, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna made a good start with Best In Show Awards and looked as though she may be a contender for the Sunday Telegraph ‘Oscar’; but her wins tapered off, when she was withdrawn from the show -ring for maternal duties.

At the inaugural show of the Garden Island kennel Club Danmar Kennels Cocker Spaniel Ch. Pondongrove Lochranza Ploughman (imp) was declared Best Exhibit of the 1231 dogs exhibited and his prominence for this title at many other leading shows made him a top favourite. Some of his most important shows were at Castle Hill, Parramatta K.C. Gun Dog Society and Manly K.C.

However, while he was going so strongly at these fixtures Mr. T. Knight, with his dachshund Ch. Leura Liberace, was campaigning fearlessly at many other City and country shows. During the year he accumulated 22 best in shows and nine runner-up to best in shows making a total for this 26 month old dog of 26 Best in Shows and 14 runner ups.

Meanwhile the outstanding Pekingese and record Best in Show winner Tientsin kennels Ch. Suiyan Aladdin, still was accumulating awards.

The Sydney Royal, judged by Terrier expert and leading English All Breeds judge, Mr. Leo Wilson saw many of our outstanding dogs enter the ring on Easter Monday for the Best Of Group judging.

Among those that got through were Ch. Leura Liberace, R. and Mrs carpenter’s Welsh Corgi Ch. Chetwyn Merthytidvill (the 1961 Best in show winner) and Ch. Suiyan Aladdin, who finally made best male exhibit in show.

The winner of this champion of champions award was Mr. K. Allens Wire Haired Fox Terrier, Ch. Foxwyre Flash Gem. This classical bitch who is going on for four years old had not been the most prominent of winners, but had gained maturity from maternal duties.

It was 24 years since the breed, had won the coveted award at the Royal. Her young owner is most popular among other exhibitors. He is most unassuming and this win climaxed many years of mixed luck in the show-ring. From this win she went on to win any more best in show awards at our biggest shows, including Best Opposite Sex at the record Melbourne Royal.

Some of her leading top awards were at Sutherland K.C., Fairfield K.C., Toy and general, N.S.W. Women’s club and St. Ives.

Until May it seem as if the Kerry blue, Miss J. Butterworth’s Ch. Fermoy True to Form, the 1961 Dog of the Year, would be the only contender from the terrier ranks.

However, after calculating on the points system which gives credit for the number of digs beaten for all awards from Best of Group upwards, the Sunday Telegraph awards the 1962 Dog of the Year to Mr. K. Allen’s Wire haired Fox terrier, Ch. Foxwyre Flash Gem.

Twice in succession this award has gone to the Terrier Group, which is numerically our weakest group. Runner Up for the osar can be no other than Mr. T. Knight’s Dachshund, Ch. Leura Liberace


THE final group to come under review for 1963 is one of the most important and colourful of the six groups of dogs. This is the Working Group and contains among others the Australian Working dogs that are such an asset to the Pastoral Industry. These three breeds are the Cattle Dog, Kelpie and Border Collie.

Early in the year the two top winners in this Group were Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Cramer’s Collie Ch. Myoene Prima Donna and Mrs. V. Scott’s, Welsh Corgi, Ch. Less Playmate (imp.). The former accrued quite a record, including best in-show at Hornsby but was rarely shown in the latter part of the year.

Lees Playmate started the year with best-in show at Bungendore, continued to win up to and including the ‘Royal’, where he and his kennel mate, Ch. Lees Sheergold, captured the near-impossible "double" by taking out Best Working Dog and Bitch, respectively.
     Another of this breed to do exceptionally well was R. and Mrs, Carpenter's Ch. Chetwyn Merthyrtydfil. This dog was the best in-show winner at the 1961 Sydney Royal, and has continued lo hold his age well, with many best-in show wins still coming his way.

One of the smaller breeds, the Shetland Sheep Dog, was well represented by Mrs J. Palmer's Ch Dundarach Laird Donald, who, amongst other wins, took out Best of Group at Brisbane Royal.
     The most consistent and worthy winner among the Australian breeds was R. and Mrs. O'Donnell's Border Collie, Ch, Ninda Mundai.
     In summing-up the winners the two Welsh corgis, Mrs. V. Scott's Lees Playmate and Lees Sheegold take out another double as Working dog of the year and runner-up, respectively.

Sunday Telegraph; January 2, 1966

ONCE again top placing in the canine New Year honors must to that champion of champions-Leura Liberace.
     This five year-old black and tan standard smooth Dachshund has now completed an evasive hat trick by taking out Dog-of-the Year in 1963/4/5.
     In 1965 Tom Knight's top dog knocked up a tally of 14 best-in-show wins bringing his total to 83, ten runner-up to best n-show making a total of 16, and 26 best of group awards.

At the beginning of the year Dobermanns shot away to clear-cut wins when the breed won seven Best-in-Show wins in as many weeks. P. Steensel's Ch. Chaquen Chevalier took home the best at both the mammoth Garden Island K.C. show and at Albion Park.

"Liberace" was reserve hound dog to the South Australian Afghan Hound at Sydney Royal. The latter David Roche's English Ch. Mazari of Carlway (imp.), was the eventual Best-in-Show winner.

Dr. and Mrs Cramer's Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, must be highly rated in the year after her win as Best Bitch-in-Show at Sydney Royal, with J. and R. Lane's Ch. Clairvyn Comedy King Vying for honors in the breed.

The Pug dog, Mrs. G. Lord's Ch. Teng Wah China Lad. although not shown as consistently as in the past, put up some very fine General Specials' wins.

Poodles with their profuseness of coat making regular campaigning most difficult had some brilliant wins. Two leaders here appear to be the Standard, Miss P. Greenwood's Ch. Marsail the Astronaut, and the miniature, Mrs. J. Manns’ Ch. Metiss Masterpiece.

Terriers saw a mixture of winners throughout the year, from Mrs. J. Boyle's Scottish Terrier Boyledene Drambuie, the Wire Foxie, Booker and Quaglia’s Ch. Whitwyre Moonshoot, to a bevy of Smooth Foxies, including litter-mates Polley's Ideal Sierra, Ideal Sustain and McBrien's Ideal Sparkle, to George Bevan's kennel mates Redding Leo and Kenwood On Top.

Although only shown for three or four months, J. L and Mrs. Fisher's English imported smooth bitch, Ch Sufredon Charming put up a very good performance, despite the fact that many judges do not like the tan and white smooths, as much as the more or less established black and white.

Lambrigg Kennels had two very sound representatives during the year-their outstanding Cocker, Ch Lamrigg the Squatter and the Dachshund, Ch. Houston Trudi.

Another Cocker that came to the fore towards the end of the year was K. and Mrs. Daniels’, Feenix Firestone.

THE Working Dog Group has less breeds than any other group.

However, they are fortunate to include two of the most popular breeds of dogs - Welsh Corgis and Collies.

Last year this group did not have a very spectacular list of wins above Group awards possibly because the owners of one leading kennel of Corgis - D. and Mrs Scott were overseas for the major part of the show calendar year.
     However, they did have a few major wins with their imported dog, Ch. Lees Playmate, in the early part of the year, commencing at Orange K.C. show.

Other reasonably successful exhibitors in this breed were Mrs. G. McKay with Ch. Wiseguy of Wey (imp.), who started his winning year at Nepean A.H. and I.

C. and Mrs. Corlis brought out a nice, young bitch at Albion Park, Mbula Tiarli, who has left a good record behind for the year.

From the well established kennel of R. and Mrs. Carpenter came their outstanding veteran, Ch. Chetwyn Merthytidvil and the youngster Ch. Yona Montgornery -a very handy brace to own.

Another imported corgi that gathered a good record for the year was R. K. and Mrs. Jeffs’ Ch. Conjuror of Cowfold of Wey. This country-owned dog won most convincingly at many country fixtures and came to Sydney to take out Runner-Up-in-Show at Hawkesbury.

Two other good country winners were the kennelmates Diwali Mistress and Japhar Prince Glen owned by R, Erickson.

One that has done well in breed but has had many setbacks in General Specials is Mrs. D. Kurnsay's Erdwyn Gag Cavalier. Two others of a similar nature were W. and Mrs Brown's Ch. Wymbrown Tanya and Miss J. Talbot's Ch. Yona Firebrand.

In Collies it was particularly hard to pick a consistent winner among the General Specials. Many dogs are worthy of mention with little distinction between their wins.

Early in the year R. and Miss Whitehouse's Ch Loreden Lollypop appeared as if she might be set for a good run of success. In the breed itself, Mrs M. Moxham took out the first Collie Parade with her Lyngai Charming.

Garden Island K.C. show saw Mrs. S. West's Dunroven Debutante take home the Group and this was followed up with other good wins.

Another good winner at All-Breeds Shows was Dr. and Mrs. Cramer's Ch. Myoene Charmer as was Osborne and Sorensen's Ch Glendallo Glance At Me.

Hylinden Heroic, owned by J. Hart, took out the second Collie Parade and the final parade of the year went to Miss B. Moss' Raelene Rendezvous.

One that went well in both breed and all-breed competition was R. and Mrs. Lane's Ch. Montmorag Musketeer.

In Cardigan Welsh corgis we saw the outstanding Ch. Westavon Gryffud, owned by Mrs. V. West take out the Challenge at Sydney Royal followed by many colourful Group and Best-in-Show awards.

The top winner In Shetland sheepdogs was Mrs J. Palmer's Ch. Dundarach Laird Donald.

Several Kelpies are worthy of mention, these include K. A. and Mrs. Harvey's Ch. Nyanda Red Cloud, D. A. Sword's Chanticleer Della, and S. and Mrs Park's Ch, Pavesi Nelly Kelly.

Mrs. M, Cleary's, Border Collie, Nidgee Grand Slam, was a major winner in this breed.



ENTRIES for the Non-Sporting Dog Club of N.S.W. Championship Show totalled 450 and the quality of the exhibits was outstanding, as most of this State's top dogs in this group were present. Main awards were judged by Mr. Roy Burnell.

Best in Show was the imported black Miniature Poodle, Ch. Jalahalli Geronimo, owned by Mrs R. Dunlop. This outstanding dog who was a challenge winner at Sydney Royal this year and who has Best in show All breeds awards to his credit was shown at top of his form.

Runner Up to him was the Samoyed dog, Ch. Vi Knobe Snowking, owned by Mr. R. Holmes. He won Best Australasian Bred the Open exhibit being the Poodle. The Challenge winning Bulldog, Garcia Kim, a well bred one with good bone, headpiece and topline, was Best Exhibit under Three Years for H. & A. Garth. In the Juniors, the consistently successful Doberman bitch Ch. Tasso Black Opal, headed the field for Mr. & Mrs E. Smith.

The best of Breed Collie, Myoene Prima Donna, owned and bred by Dr. & Mrs E. W. Cramer, took out Best Puppy in Show. Best Under Six Months and winner of the Sweepstakes was the miniature Poodle, Rynoldi Andre, owned and bred by Mrs E. Hutchins.

Best Minor Puppy was the Welsh Corgi, Lealwen Maverick, owned by R. Kinder.

Best Members Exhibit was the Challenge winning Welsh corgi bitch, Ch. Radnor Roslyn, making her last appearance for Mrs Moorehouse. This grand specimen is now six years of age and during her show career annexed the Challenge 50 times.


Bulldogs: Judge, Mrs Bucknole
Garcia Kim, H&A garth
Valley vale Baby Doll, Mrs E. Perry
Boxers Judge, Mr. D. Westbrook
Ch. Bechlaren Silhouette, Mr. R. Ausel:
Delhaven Tammy, Mr. & Mrs J. Gibney
Chow Chows: Judge, Mr. Roy Burnell
Myerla Batang, Mr. J. Wright
Collies: judge, Mr. F. Stocker
Ch. Warrendale Oratus, Mr. & Mrs A. Hall
Myoene Prima Donna, Dr. & Mrs E. Cramer
Corgi Welsh Pembroke:
Mrs. R. Carpenter
Yakedah Monte Cristo Mr. J
Ch. Radnor Roslyn, Mrs M. Moorehouse.
Cardigans Ch. Westavon Gryfudd,
Mrs V. West
Westavon Enchantress, Mrs I. Johnston
Ch. Ballanda Bakali, Coachman Kennels
Colonsay Roll of the Dic (Imp), Coachman
Ch. Tasso Van Kurt, Mr. & Mrs E. Smith
Ch. Tasso Black Opal, Mr. & Mrs E. Smith
German shepherds: Judge, Mr. J. Sherri
Geenore Kaiser, Miss D. Napier
Ch. Harda Pan, Glokilda Kennels
Great Danes:
Ch. Ausdane Hercules, Ausdane kennels
Ch. Merita of Merrowlea (imp) Weydane kennels
Poodles (miniature)
Ch. Jalahalli Jeronimo (imp) Mrs R. Dunlop
Ch. Bel Ami Black Rose, Mr. I Calwell
Ch. Vi Kobe Snowking, Mr. R. Holmes
Ch. Snowdrift Ice Flo Queen, Mr. & Mrs K. Slingsby
Shetland Sheepdogs:
Delmist black beauty, Mr. & Mrs R. Scott
Ch.Almaroy Amethyst, Mrs E. Cohen
Shih Tzus:
Ch. Cherryling Choo Tu, Lhasa Kennels


THE dog section of Albion Park A.H and I. Association's Show, postponed until the weather improved, was then conducted in glorious sunshine.

It attracted a record entry of over 500 dogs.

Best In Show, Best Australasian-bred exhibit and Best Working Dog was the Collie Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, who recently won the same award at Southern Highlands and was Runner up at Portland for owner breeders Dr. and Mrs E.W. Cramer. She was judged in her breed and Group by Mr. Roy Burnell.

Runner-up and Best Junior was Mr. T. Knight's Standard smooth dachshund, Ch. Leura Liberace. He was Best Non Sporting Exhibit

Of the Three-Year-Old exhibits, the top selection was the Toy Group winning Pug Ch. Aureate China Son, for Mrs G. Lord.

Best Puppy went to the Challenge winning Pekingese, Mo Jong Babalin, owned by Mo Jong Kennels.

Best Baby Puppy was the Australian terrier, Tingee Town Tricia, owned by Tagalong kennels.

Best Reserve Challenge Winner was the Welsh Corgi Laelwen Maverick for Mrs R. Kinder and Best Members was Mr. and Mrs Honey’s Poodle, Ch. Querida Honey’s Snow.


TOYS (Judge) Mrs O. Steer
Pug Ch. Aureate China Son,
Mrs G. Lord.

TERRIERS (Judge) Mrs O. Steer
Kerry Blue Terrier CH. Fermoy True To Form
Miss J. Butterworth:

GUNDOGS (Judge) Mrs M. Merivale
Labrador Gunwalloe Bruno Laddie
Countess and Miss Ouvaroff

SPORTING (Judge) Mr. H. Norman
Dachshund Ch. Leura Liberace.
Mr. T. Knight's

NON-SPORTING (Judge) Mr. J. Swales
Dobermann Chaquen Silhouette
Mr. and Mrs E. Smith

WORKING DOGS (Judge) Mr. Roy Burnell
Collie Ch. Myoene Prima Donna
Dr. and Mrs E.W. Cramer

Main awards were judged by Mr. H. Norman. Trophies were presented by Mr. G. Ross, Chairman of the R.A.S.K.C. Consultative Committee.


Thursday, July 20th 1961 The LAND

From an entry of 350 dogs at the Newcastle Toy and All Breed & Dog Club Show at Newcastle Showground, the main selection was the Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund Ch. Nillbua Denzel, who has become the greatest winner in the breed in Australia for Mr. A. T. Knight.
He accounted for the Sporting Group award.
Runner-up to him and winner of the Non-sporting section, judged by Mr. D. Watts, was the Welsh Corgi Ch. Chetwyn Merthytidvill, who made history for Mr. and Mrs R Carpenter this year by winning champion of champions at Sydney Royal.
Best Puppy in show was Dr. and Mrs. E. Cramer's Collie, Myoene Prima Donna.
Best Junior exhibit was the Labrador Onaway Monty, for Mrs A. Courtenay-Beale,
Best Minor puppy was Toniki Kennels’ Pekingese, Fashmere Nikota Lu
Judge for main awards was Mr. Roy Burnell.

Katoomba 1963
The Sixteenth Katoomba and Blue Mountain's K. C. Show attracted 700 dogs
Best open and exhibit in-Show wentto K. Allen's
Wire-haired Fox terrier, Ch. L Foxwyre Flash Gem
Runner Up was Mrs. A. Pickering's Golden Retriever, Ch.Kyvalley Bobbie.
Limit: Mrs J. Snow's Standard Poodle, Frenchs Rockella;
Intermediate: Lambrigg Kennels' Cocker Spaniel Ch. Lambrigg The Squatter
Junior: W. and Mrs Haywood’s Cocker Spaniel, Franjac Foreign Affair (imp)
Puppy: W. and Mrs Greer’s Pekingese Shalwyn Sai Wen
Minor; J. E. Haynes’ Welsh Corgi, Stapenhill Arena
Baby: Masters S. and C. Bailey’s Basset Hound, Bredara Beauregard.

TOYS (Judge) Mrs. R Gerardy
W. and Mr Greer's Pekingse Shalwyn Sai Wen

WORKING (Judge)W. Denman
Dr. and Mrs E.W. Cramer’s Collie, Ch. Myoene Charmer

NON SPORTING (Judge) H. Norman)
Mrs O. Rodan's Poodle Strathrose Sovereign;

HOUND (Judge) H. Spira)
V.M. Hozack's Afghan Hound, Huntingdon Fazah Flo



SUTHERLAND Shire All Breeds Kennel Club is to be congratulated on a well conducted show with good entries and an early finish at the R.A.S. Showground. Main awards were judged by Mr. G. Ross.

Best in Show and Best Junior, was the Non-Sporting Group winning Miniature black Poodle, Ch. Guerlain Black Magic, owned by Mrs S. Sleigh. The Bulldog, Egavas Georgeous George, owned by Mr. and Mrs A. Taylor, the runner up in the Non Sporting Group, was Runner Up in Show. Both these are junior exhibits and seeing that entries totalled 800 the wins were most creditable.

Best Baby Puppy was Mr. W. Melville’s Smooth Fox Terrier Bradnor Princess Rose, with Best Puppy being Kurtavey kennels Dobermann Reemore Flashman.

Best Intermediate Mr. W. O’Neill’s German Shepherd Ch. Fairhaven Socrates while the Working Dog Group winning Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, was best Australian Bred for Dr. and Mrs E. W. Cramer.

Best Open was the Terrier Group winner Ch. Shanlaw Strike a light (imp) for Mr. T. Shannon.



Mrs M. Peters
B.I.G. Ch. Suiyan Aladdin Tienstin Kennels (
Judge Breed Mr. F. Luland)

Mr. C. Rigg
B.I.G. Ch. Shanlaw Strike a Light imp. (Wire haired Fox Terrier) Mr. T. Shannon

Mr. J. Poel

Ch. Kindach Cindy Lou (Standard Smooth Haired) Mr. E. MCKinnon

Mr. W. Drew
B.I.G. Ch. Guerlain Black Magic (Minature Poodle) Mrs S. Sleigh

Mr. G.Ross
B.I.G. Ch. Myoene Prima Donna (Collie) Dr. & Mrs E.W. Cramer


Thursday, July 20th 1961 The LAND

More than 700 dogs were entered in the Sutherland Shire Kennel Club Show at the RAS Showground
General Specials were judged by Mr G. W. Ross.
Best In Show was the Miniature Poodle, Ch. Guerlain Black Magic, owned by Mrs. S. Sleigh,
Runner Up was the bulldog, Egavas Gorgeous George, owned by Mr. and Mrs. A. Taylor.

Other results:
Open: Ch. Shanlaw Strike-a - Light T. Shannon (Wire Fox Terrier)
Australian bred: Ch. Myoene Charmer, Dr. and Mrs E. W. Cramer (Collie).
Intermediate: Ch. Fairhaven Socrates, W O'Neill (German shepherd),
Puppy; Reemore Flashman, Kurtaveys Kennels (Doberman)
Entry fees remain the same as last Year.


Maltese Scores

Major Success

ST. GEORGE District Kennel Club's summer show resulted in a major success for the Maltese Ch. Everwhite Glen Robin owned by Mr. G. E. Bible. The Maltese won Best in Show, Best under Three years and Best Toy exhibit.

The well known Pekingese Ch. Sulyan Aladdin was Runner-up in the Show for Tientsin Kennels, Chullora. Dr. and Mrs. E. Cramer's outstanding Collie Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, to whom major awards are no novelty won Best Australasian Bred.

A new import in the miniature poodle, Tarquin of Montfleur, won best Junior exhibit for Mrs. G. Rodan and this one should be a useful addition to the breed in this country,

Best Puppy was Lambrigg Kennels, Cocker Spaniel home-bred Lambrigg Piccaninny, while Best Minor Puppy was the Dobermann Chaquen Dominant, owned by Mr. C. Harris.

It was pleasing to see a Shih Tzu, Lhasa KinYuh Lan win Best under Six Months.

Main awards were judged by Mr. H. West.


Bulli Success For Prominent Poodle

ONCE again, the prominent Miniature Poodle, Ch. Jalahalli Jeronimo, defeated strong competition to take out Best in Show at Bulli District Kennel Club Show.

A record entry exceeded 600.

Jeromme has won several similar awards for owner Mrs. R. Dunlop, since arrival from England, and headed his breed at Sydney Royal this year.

Runner-up to him and Best Terrier was Ch. Foxwyte Flash Gem, owned by Mr. K. Allen, the breeder.

Best Exhibit under Three Years in Show was the Australian Working Dog Group winner, Mr. and Mrs R.O'Donnell's Border Collie Ch. Ninda Mundai.

Best Junior Exhibit was S. and D. R Dawson's black Cocker Spaniel Shangri La Skybolt.

Again the Collie challenge winner, Myoene Prima Donna. owned and bred by Dr. and Mrs E. Cramer, was Best Puppy In Show.

Under Six Months winner, was the Wire Fox Terrier, Moreden Mannequin owned by Mrs F. Green, who won the sweepstakes for its age group.

Best local Exhibit was the challenge winning Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. Kelgal Kimble for Mr. and Mrs D. Kelly.

Best local Dog was the Welsh Corgi Aloha He Prince Dale, owned by Mr. and Mrs F. Parsons.

Best local Bitch was the Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund. Sinda of Karinhall, owned and bred by Kaminhall Kennels.

In the Veteran Sweepatakes the Pug, Ch, Brayeshaw Glen Dale, won for Mr. and Mrs. H. Jones

Main awards were judged by Mr. Roy Burnell, nine other judges assisting with breeds and companion dog work.




GOOD support from 484 dogs in the breed classes, plus 38 in the obedience test work, made the 14th annual Charity Championship show of tho Katoomba and Blue Mountains Kennel Club a great success. The grounds at the Queen Victoria Homes where the show was held are ideal for dog showing.

BEST IN SHOW and Best Open Exhibit was the Puppy Winner, Myoene Prima Donna, an outstanding young Scotch Collie owned and bred by Dr. and Mrs Cramer of Miranda. This puppy was best Non-Sporting Exhibit.

Runner Up and Best Terrier was the Kerry Blue Terrier, Ch. Fermoy True to Form owned by Miss J. Butterworth.

Of the Under Three years exhibits the best was the Pug, Aureate. China Son, a regular winner for Mrs G. Lord

Best Junior was another Toy, the Pekingese Seberham Aladdin's. Son, owned by Miss P. McDonall.

Best Minor Puppy was Mr. and Mrs. Kluss Welsh Corgi. Tymawr Lady May.

The Under Six Months selection was DaIzar Kennels’ home-bred Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund, DaIzar Twee Twink.

Mr. Harold Norman, well known All Breeds Judge and wrestling referee made the main awards.



Judge Mr. K. Rowles
Pekingese Nantien Wong Wei
Mr. and Mrs J. Liddle

Mr. F. Luland
Kerry Blue Terrier
Ch. Fermoy True to Form, R/U Show

Mrs I. Blackett

Cocker Spaniel,Ch. Jenro Judge Me
Mr. and Mrs W. Haywood

Mr. J. Maud

Dachshund Standard Smooth, Ch. Lulong Louise
Mr. and Mrs M. Long

Mr. H. Norman
Myoene Prima Donna Best In Show

Judge Mr. K. Lowe
Australian Cattle Dog,

Ch. Valley Time Waltz Time,
Mr. & Mrs B. Tant

Newcomers shine
at Dapto Show
The Dapto A.H. and 1. Association's Show was one of the first conducted in the New Year.

Many of the top General Specials winners were new to these honours.

Mrs. D. Scott making her first appearance in the awards ring since her recent `holiday" chose her winners after much deliberation, from many new comers to this top position.

These were headed by the Cocker Spaniel, R. McKenzis's Lambrigg Paddy, judged in his group by well-known expert handler Mr. Steve Pausey. This very attractive, upstanding dog, with typical bone, legs, and feet of the Lambrigg Kennels, was awarded Best Limit and Exhibit-in-Show. Last October this dog was given his first break through to major awards on the Goulburn-Crookwell circuit, judged by Ken Rowles. .

Runner-up and Best Intermediate was Dr and Mrs E. Cramer’s Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna. Another from the Working Group to go further was the Border Collie, Ch. Ninda Mundai owned by R. and Mrs. O’Donnell. This dog was judged in her group by Mrs. R. Gerardy and accounted for Best Australian Bred in Show.

Toys were judged by Mr. R. Swales, who awarded the Group to Forster and Steer’s Pekingese, Burndale Lisa Lu, who also won best Junior-in-show. Another winner from this group was the Reserve-in Show that went to Mrs. R. Greers, Pekingese, Shalwyn Sai Wen.

It is seldom that a West Highland White can make a name for itself, therefore it was interesting to see Miss Faulks Baxter of Branxton, take out Best Puppy-in-Show. The Baby Puppy award went to H. Jenning’s Miniature Smooth Dachshund Talei Tawny. Another highlight of the show was the St. Bernard Cornagarth Gareth, who completed his championship title at this show.

This dog representing the Hennessey Cognac Brandy affiliations has been an attraction at every show where he has appeared. It is most rewarding to see this dog, with his most typical coat, schwamm, flews, Muscle and dewlap.

Other Awards:
Terrier (
Judge R. Swales) Miss J. Butterworth’s Kerry Blue Ch. Fermoy True to Form
Non-Sporting (Judge Mrs D. Scott) E & Mrs Smith’s Doberman Ch. Chaquen Silhouette.
Hound (K. Lowe) Doherty & Crowley’s Whippet, Ch. Waddellie Vienna.



The Collie Club Parade was judged by Mr. L. Bulmer, who made Dr. and Mrs Cramer’s Ch. Myoene Prima Donna best Exhibit. Runner up went to A. Sorenson and Mrs W. Osborne’s Ch. Carramar Comedy king (imp).

These were the only two awards where champions were allowed to compete against non- champions and the following awards were only open to limit dogs:

Junior and limit Bitch: Mrs M. Moxham’s Lyngai Charming Lyric. Australian Bred and Limit Dog: J. and Mrs Grundy’s Claivwyn Crusader.

Open: Mrs Parkes The Avenue sandy

Three Year: R. Campbell’s Glendallo Grand Duke

Puppy: Mrs C. Linquist’s Glengai Jacqueline

Minor: A and Mrs White’s Glengai Lynette

Baby: R. Campbell’s Rondoray Royal Rajah


The mid-North coast canine Club’s show attracted 184 dogs and was held in conjunction with the Aquatic Association’s festival held at the Manning River.

Mr. R. Philp awarded Best Open and Exhibit in show to G. and W. Hunter’s Cocker Spaniel, Winter Yana of Weirdene (imp).

Runner- up was Mrs J. Mann’s Poodle, Ch. Portmerion Le Gai Paris.

Another well known Sydney dog, Dr. and Mrs E. Cramer’s Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, was Best Intermediate in Show and Best Working Dog.

This glorious bitch has accumulated quite a record in the past few weeks, climaxed with Best in Show at the Toy and General Dog Club.

Toy Group: W. & R. Greer’s Pekingese Shalwyn Sai Wen.

Terrier: Mrs W. Comer’s Kerry Blue Ch. Fermoy Aces.

Hound: D. and Mrs Spooner’s Dachshund Dubrovnik Supreme Beau.


Garden Island Show

Draws 1575 Entries

GARDEN Island Kennel Club's second annual show attracted 1575 entries, topping its inaugural show's record for the 1962 club showing year.

Victorian judge, Mr. K. Puller, making the main awards, said that he was amazed at the quality and quantity of the exhibits. He said that "any one of these six dogs is worthy of Best Exhibit."

Best in show and Best Sporting Exhibit was Mrs G. Wills Standard Smooth Dachshund Ch. Spode Teckel Three, which has been a consistent winning performer since puppy-hood.

Runner-up and Best Toy was Tientsin Kennels Pekingese, Ch. Mimosa Jake Su-Tee, while the Working Dog Group winning Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, won but Australian Bred for Dr. and Mrs. E. Cramer.

The imported Boxer Wardrobes Wild Susan owned by Mr. and Mrs F. Wynter of Woodend Victoria was Best Graduate.

The Cocker Spaniel, Dandual Didgeridoo, was Best Junior for Mrs J. Edwards, with Mr. B. Bevan's Smooth Fox Terrier Redding Leo, accounting for Best Puppy.

The Pug, Teng wah tangerine was Best Baby Puppy for Tientsin Kennels



Mr. K. Pullen
Pekingese Ch.Mimosa Jake su-Tee Tienstin Kennels

Judge Mr. W. Mushett
Bull Terrier Gilavon Gold Dust, Gilavon Kennels

Judge Mr. N. Butler
Cocker Spaniel Ch. Pondongrove Lochranza Ploughman (imp), Danmar Kennels

Judge: Mr. D White
Dachshund Standard Smooth Haired, Mrs G. Willis Best in Show.

Judge Mr. C. Funnell
Collie Rough Ch. Myoene Prima Donna

Judge. Me. L. Rowse
Poodle Toy Sorbonne Kentoppin, Miss S. McRae


The Garden Island Kennel Club, with 1575 dogs, now conducts the largest one-day show in the Southern Hemisphere.

Last year this club had. 1231 dogs, whereas Dalwood K.C. were able to muster 1267 competitors. The lineup for Best in Show honours was of outstanding quality, with the General Specials’ judge, Mr K. Pullen, of Victoria commenting: "Any one of these six dogs is worthy of best exhibit."

These consisted of the following:

Bull terrier, Ch. Gilavon Gold Dust, owned by the Gilavon kennels, who won the Terrier Group Judged by Mr. R. Mushett of Victoria.

Another Victorian. Mr. N. Butler, judged Gundogs and his winner was Danmar Kennels' Cocker Spaniel, Ch. Pondongrove Lochranza (imp.) who was Best-in Show at this fixture lads year.

The Working Dog winner was the Collie, Dr and Mrs Cramer's Ch. Myoene Prima Donna.

This bitch was judged in the breed by Comadr. R. A. May and in the Group by C. Funnelle. She was eventually Best Australian Bred.

The Non Sporting Group was judged by Mr. L. Rowse, of Victoria, and his choice was the Toy Poodle, Miss S. McRae’s Sorbonne of Kentoppin.

Toys were judged by Mr. K. Pullen and the winner here was Tientsin kennel’s Pekingese, ch. Mimosa Jake Su-Tee.

The Hound judge was Mr. D. White, of Victoria and he selected Mrs G. Wills Dachshund, Ch. Spode Teckle Three, Best Puppy in show at this event last year, for the Group.

After much deliberation Best in Show went to the Dachshund, with the Pekingese becoming Runner Up.

Collie tops in big show

THE first two shows for 1962 were very good events with top quality dogs competing. The Southern Highlands K.C. show was the most successful with 509 dogs.

International judge Mr. W. Spilstead selected Dr. and Mrs E.W. Cramer’s Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna as Best-in-show.
and Best Three - Year - old was awarded to Lambrigg Kennels' Cocker Spaniel Ch. Lambrigg the Squatter. This well-balanced blue roan dog won an exceedingly strong Gun Dog Group which was judged by the well-known Gun Dog authority, Miss M. Ouvaroff. The dog also was Best Gun Dog the previous day when judged by Mr. R. Swales, at Dapto.
Mr. T. Knight's Dachshund, Ch. Leura Liberace was a rather easy Sporting Group winner, judged by Mr. C. B. Mathews.
One of the best Pug dogs seen in this country since Ch. Cobby Capers is Ch.Aureate China Son. He won the Toy Group judged by Mrs. F. Polman.
The Bull Terrier, Ch. Gilavon Gold Dust, has improved tremendously since last year and was wel1 placed by Mr. J. W. Maude as the Terrier Group winner.
Tasso Kennels' newly imported Dobermann, Ch. Tavey's Stormy Nonpareil, was taken through to Best Non-sporting by Mr. W. Spi1stead.


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