MYOENE COLLIE KENNELS The registration of our own kennel name caused great excitement and much pondering. It was whilst driving back to Sydney from Newcastle, on the winding Pacific Highway, which was a long slow trip in the fifties, that the name Myoene (pronounced My own) was chosen. It was originally spelt with the diphthong Œ, as seen at the beginning of this section, but it soon became a losing battle as typists either didn’t know how or ignored the combined œ. Consequently, it is now spelt Myoene pronounced ‘my own’. We were proud of our dogs and ‘My Own’ had a nice sound to our ears.

CH. MYOENE CHARMER born 30th May 1959 sable and white Reg. 28870
Ch. Limerick of Lady Park (Imp. UK) 35927/55 S.A. 8384
Glenissa Contessa CD 17894
Bred and owned
by Dr. E.W. and Mrs H.C. Cramer

The mating which produced Charm's litter has already been mentioned under Glenissa Contessa. Charm was a beautiful golden sable bitch with good conformation. She had a tendency to become excitable in the show ring, often barking for no apparent reason and therefore early in her career was not a joy to show. Because of her excitability she also tended to prick her ears at the wrong time and we decided to sell her as a pet. Luckily however the sale fell through and so we decided to mate her, at a young age, back to her father, which proved to be extremely sucessful and was the mating which produced Prima Donna.
    Eventually with patience and training she settled down and became a consistent winner in the show ring both at Breed, Group and General Specials level. However, this behaviour, I was told later by the judge, Mr. Harold Norman, cost her the Challenge at the 1964 Royal and she was placed Reserve challenge to Ch. Glendallo Gay Duchess from the Intermediate class. Charm had beaten her daughter Prima Donna, who was currently the top winning Collie, in the Open Class. Donna came second. In 1961, under judge Mr. Percy Roberts from the USA she won a large class Six Months and not exceeding Two Years at Sydney Royal whilst Donna won the Puppy Class. Mr. Roberts remarked on what a beautiful bitch she was.
    However, possibly her greatest achievement was winning Best In Show All Breeds at the Newcastle A.H.& I Ass. Show, (or the Newcastle Royal as it was often called); Runner up in Show (all breeds) at Crookwell and as a brood bitch. She gained her title under nine different judges in the short period of seven weeks.
    She was a wonderful pet and for many years a house dog. Her greatest joy was to share a bedroom with my young children and when whelping was near was known to mother their dolls. She was about twelve when she developed a tumour on her mouth and had to be put down.


Thursday Daily Telegraph March 30 1961

Collie puppy dog;
R.Grant's Kimbyrne Kanadian
. R.G.Campbell’s Glendallo Gold Duke
Dr.& Mrs E.W. Cramer’s Myoene Aristocrat
Junior dog
E.S. Colbrans Ledora Golden Rebel
Mrs J.M. Clay’s Glendyne Bruce
. Ballantrog Royal Lad
Six months & not over two years
B & V.M.Diamond’s Loche Nethe Limelight
Miss C.B. Maher’s Glendallo Gentleman
Mrs P. Bentham’s Drambuie Discovery
Six months & not over three years
Mrs M. Lacey’s Glenwarren Lucifer
2. Mrs G. McDaids Braeloc Enoch
3. G. & Mrs Lewis’ The Kilt My Hero
Open Dog
Mrs P. Bentham’s Ch. Glendallo Gabriel
2. G. & Mrs Lewis’ Kilt Himself
3. Mrs A. Rouse’s Ch. Rouse Glen Gary Owen
Ch. Dog Mrs P. Bentham’s Ch. Glendallo Gabriel
Res. G & Mrs Lewis’ The Kilt Himself

Myoene Charmer
Six months & not over two years class
1961 Royal
Entry 15

And her daughter

Collie Puppy Bitch
Dr. & Mrs E.W. Cramer’s Myoene Prima Donna
2. I.N & Mrs Rand’s Myoene Melody Gai
3. Mrs L. Woods Glenelwyn Maharani
Junior bitch
I.N & Mrs Rand’s Myoene Melody Gai
2. Mrs J.H. Wharton’s Macfarlane Merry maid
3. Mrs J. Davis’ Ballantro Endearing
Six months & not over two years
Dr. & Mrs E.W. Cramer’s Myoene Charmer
2. R.G. Campbell’s Glendallo Good looks
3. Mrs N. Martin’s Ballantroe Bewitching
Six months & not over three years
Mrs W. Osborne’s Ch. Glendallo Gossip
2. Mrs E.U.M. Cooper’s Montmorag Mannequin
3. C.D. & Mrs Wyatt’s Ch. Valgai Sharan Beauty
Open bitch
Ledora Kennels Ledora Sunlit
2. Mrs K. Phillip’s Ch. Glyntwood La Tosca
3. N.L. & Mrs Grations’s Ryebel Perfect Lady
Ch. Bitch Ledora kennel’s Ledora Sunlit
Res. Bitch Mrs K. Phillips Ch. Glyntwood La Tosca

Myoene Prima Donna
1st. Best Puppy Bitch Class 1961 Royal &
Best Non-Sporting puppy Wed.
Entry 25
Litter Brother
Myoene Aristocrat 3rd in Puppy Dog Class
Entry 22
Myoene Melody Gai (I.N. & Mrs Rand)
Sire: Ch. Wenambo Golden Flame (imp.)
Dam Myoene Pride and Joy
2nd Puppy Class and 1st Junior Class Entry 15


Thursday, March 23 1961 The land



Aust. Champion Myoene Charmer
SIRE: Ch. Limerick of Ladypark (imp.Eng.)
DAM: Glenissa Contessa C.D.

THE dog section of the Newcastle A.H.& I Association’s Show,
held over four days and four nights, resulted in the Collie,
Myoene Charmer, owned and bred by Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Cramer,
taking out the top award
Her presentation was excellent and Mr. E.H. Gifford, judge for all breeds, from South Australia,
remarked on her outstanding quality, good movement, head, eyes and ears.
She won the trophies for
the Best Exhibit, Best Non-Sporting and Best Collie.

Sire: Limerick of Ladypark (imp) U.K. 8,384 (SA) 35927/55 UK

Dam: Glenissa Contessa CD 17,894

Runner-up to her was the Bulldog, Soraya Diplomat, owned and bred by Messrs G. & W. Stacey, of Cessnock.   He was runner-up in the non-sporting group and won the trophy for best Bulldog


Pride and Joy was a litter sister to Charmer but rarely shown. She was a wonderful brood bitch, producing a litter of twelve and rearing them all without problem. Foolishly, as I realise now, I gave Pride and Joy to another Collie breeder with whom we had become friendly. At the time we were campaigning another litter sister, Peek a Boo, and needed to cull our kennels. I didn’t have the knowledge in those early days to recognise the qualities Pride and Joy offered. She had a litter whilst with her new owner and was possibly shown a couple of times before he apparently lost interest in dogs, moved house and we lost contact. Her name will no doubt appear on some old pedigrees.


CH. MYOENE PEEK A BOO born 30th May 1959 sable and white reg. 288871

Sire: Limerick of Ladypark (imp U.K.) 8,384 (S.A.) 35937/55 UK.

Dam: Glenissa Contessa C.D.

Peek a Boo loved the show ring and was a constant Best of Breed and Best of Group winner. She also won many ‘Class in Show Awards’. However, unlike her litter sisters, she was slow coming into her first season and when she was about five years old, the chance of a good home, where she would be loved as a pet, came up and we accepted. She had only been gone a short time when her new owner rang to say she was in season and that she was happy for us to have a litter with her. We gratefully accepted the offer. She proved to be a good mother but it was the only litter she had, as after the puppies were reared she was returned to her owners.


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