The photos on my show pages are for my own enjoyment and memories to enjoy further down the track
Without the help of willing photographers and exhibitors this would not be possible. I am very grateful

A special thank you to Barbara Killworth, Cabal Canine Candids, who over the years, has sent me many complimentary photos.
It was because of the photos I so gratefully received from Barbara that my idea for a web page was born.

Photos Coff's Harbour 18th September 2004 have been taken and sent to me courtesy of Caron-Lee & Ingo Kahl. Many thanks.
A special thank you to all workers who have used my camera for me. Especially Junee and Tasmania shows. Without your help there would have been no photos and unfortunately I did not get names.
A big thank you to Kakob Boot who gave his time and used my camera for me throughout judging, Novocastrian Ladies Canine Association 10th March 2007. Very much appreciated.
Thanks a million to Aveline Giffen and Annette Penfold who gave up their time to use my camera Bellinger River Ag. Show 12th May 2007. A great job.
Thanks to Bill Weston
Edwina Bevk
and others who did a great job ACT Canine Ass. show 8th and 9th June 2007
Thanks to my many helpers at Coonabarabran shows 22nd, 23rd, 24th June 2007. Especially Brian Stevens, Mick Sweeney and Heather Budd
Many thanks to Barbara Killworth, my steward and Joseph Mirto who gave up his time to take the Group photos. Fairfield & District All Breeds Kennel Club 2nd December 2007
Thanks especially to Timothy Thomas and others who helped out with photos at Lismore over a busy weekend 27th to 29th June 2008. It was much appreciated. Also at Allora and Darling Downs Qld. 13th 14th September 2008
To Millissa Voglsam who answered my request for a photographer at Sutherland Shire All Breeds Kennel Club 11th July 2008 big thank you.
Thanks to Sue Turner who, after a morning of stewarding in the heat, stayed and used my camera for me at Berry show society 31st January 2009
Thanks to two very helpful ladies who took photos at the Hills Kennel club Show Western Australia 21st and 22nd February 2009. I hope I have names from memory correct.. Mrs J Cousins and Anoki Kennels. I was very grateful for their help, especialy being night shows, so please correct me if I am wrong.
Grateful thanks to M. kearney and an unknown young girl, visitor onlooker, who came to my aid requesting photographer at Wellington INC Show. Without them there would have been no photos.
A Special thank you to Dean Dennes? (Osborne?) who made himself availble to do the photography for all my groups at Wallamba show
Further thanks to Chelsea Bird for photography General specials. 6th March 2010
Thank you to Saluki exhibitor, Miss L Cook, who answered my call for a photographer after the group judging, at The Brisbane water Legacy Dog Club show. Photos are great.
Big thank you to Gael Wilcock who stewarded for me and then took photos Canine Museum show Victoria 11th Apri 2010
My greatful thanks to the following, who gave up their time to answer my request, for someone to use my camera at Combined Northern Canine Committee show.
Lynda Brandt for photos Terrier Group and General Specials. Mr Corbett Gun Dog Group
Gentleman , name still unknown, Hound Group.
Many thanks to Ronald Bowden, who despite his busy schedule with his own camera also used my camera for me .
Thanks to my stewards and photograhers at Eugowra. Maureen Hanley, Cathy Norberry, Marie Smith, S Brinkworth and Serg. A delay in doing this so please correct me if my memory wrong and will alter. The photos were great.
So many helpers at Broken Hill and I don't have all names. Photos had to be taken under rushed conditions and I am very grateful for all who helped the following day. Ben Cain & Debi Blakeborough thank you. Other names appreciated.
I neglected to get names of people who helped with photos; so have had to rely on others to tell me. Peter Hass,'Griff Parry, Jessica Cullen. Thanks for giving your time. Photos are important to me so without you I would be disappointed. Please let me know if I have left anybody out. Tasmania Kennel Club 2011.
A spcial thanks to Nancy Keck who besides being my steward for two days at Gilgandra also took Great Photos. And Michelle Howarth who stepped in for General Specials photos.
Kylie Henry, Amanda Makee and Timothy Thomas. A very special thanks for taking photos for me at Caboolture. The days had been hot and long yet you gave of your time. Much appreciated.
Many thanks to Jeffrey Binding my steward and photographer for Gundog Group, B. Martin for General Specials. Also the following day, Peter Thompson for Terrier Group photos .
It is generous to give up your time to help me with photos and you help make my day.
Metropolitan kennenl Club South Australia 19th & 20th May 2012
Many thanks to Joanne Meadows who used my camera to take great photos of Gundog Group and also ffiona Erskine who found Joanne for me and for her own professional photos. Dogs On Show 16th June 2012
Craig Pettett was a wonderful steward but he also made time to use my camera for me, searching for the exhibitors who hadn't returned for photos.Thanks you Craig. Also young lady Emma Millan-Mann who stood in when needed. Much appreciated. Rockhampton Kennel Club 1st & 2nd september 2012
Dylan Thorp came forward when I was looking for photographer Broken Hill Sunday show 25th May 2014. He was very patient as I think more work than he anticipated. A great job. Sadly I missed out on names of my other helpers that weekend. Would love to know.
A big thank you to Keilie Hughes and David Wall who did a wonderful job at Parkes after judging. I appreciate the time and help given. 25th August 2014
I have mislaid the name of he lady who took photos for me 2013 Victoria. Hoefully will turn up. It was much appreciated. This page is getting out of hand. I may have to just list names.
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