DOGS AT THE ROYAL SHOW The LAND Thursday April 25th 1968
Good Entry
Collies Rough with 145 entries were around their usual strength. Mr. Mathews said:
"The entry was quite good and as a breed they were well presented, and. made an excellent showing.
    "The Challenge Dog was the Open winner shown in excellent coat. He has plenty of substance is free moving with a nice expression and is very typical of the breed.
    "The Reserve Dog was also from the Open and although not carrying the coat of the winner has a very pleasing head and expression. He is a good specimen that moves well and pressed the other dog closely.
    "My Challenge Bitch was in good coat. She has a lovely expression and moves well. She used her ears well and was a fairly clear winner.
    "My Reserve Bitch a free mover with good head and outlook and has lovely neck and shoulders, but did not have the coat of the winner.
    "I'd like to mention both puppy winners, particularly the bitch pup. This is a very sound bitch shown in excellent condition and paraded well. She has a very pleasing head and expression. The dog pup was only young but appealed to me as one with great promise and should do well at future shows."
Challenge Dog was Mrs. W Osborne and Mr. A. Sorenson's Ch. Glendallo Gambin Man, a multiple best in show winner, as is the Reserve Dog, Ch. Montmorag Musketeer, owned by Mr. and Mrs R. Lane. They are no newcomers to challenge awards. The dog is a son of the bitch that won the Working Dog group at Sydney 'Royal' in 1964.
Challenge Bitch was Ch. Myoene Polyanna, owned by Dr. E. and Mrs. H. Cramer, which last year won the Intermediate Bitch Class. Reserve Bitch was Mrs 0sborne and Mr. Sorenson's Ch. Glendallo Gay Countess, which is a litter sister to last years challenge dog.
The Puppy winners were Mrs. D. Butler's Kollylock Count Casper, a son of the reserve challenge dog and Mr. and Mrs. H. Amos’ Lentoray Lady Velvet.

. Mrs B. Butler's Kollylock Count Casper.
2. Dr. E. W and Mrs Cramer's Myoene Pacemaker.
3. T and Mrs Letherbarrow 's Carlanna Celebrity.
4. P. O’Sullivan’s Westkirk Warrior.
5 Dr E. W and Mrs Cramer's Myoene Big Daddy.
1. K.S. Whitehouse’s Montmorag The Maestro.
2. Mrs P. Bentham's Drambuie Daktari.
3. H. V. and Mrs Clay's Drambuie Duncan.
4. Mrs M. Lacey’s Drambuie Danger Man
5. W. T, and Mrs Donoghue's Alphindale Amon Ra.

1. C. and Mrs M. Jaeger's Bunderra Beau Rebel,
2. Mrs 1. and Miss A. Beedle's Baradeen Buccaneer

3. Mrs A.C.Green’s and Miss P. B. Horan’s Minimurra Shadow Beau.
4. S. Smith’s Ch. Glenvale Student Prince.
5. J. Sherrie’s and Mrs E. Ireland’s Ch. Lyngai Prince Charming.
1. & Ch. Mrs W. Osborne's and A. Sorensen’s Ch. Glendallo Gamblin Man
2.& Res.Ch.R.C. and Mrs J.E. lane’s Ch. Montmorag Musketeer
3. B. Hickling's Ch. Kenanlyn Carbon Copy.
4: H.J. and Mrs Amos' Ch. Glendallo General Mac.
5. J. and Mrs Richter' Ch.Glendallo Gold Crest.

Challenge Dog Mrs W. Osborne and A. Sorenson’s Ch. Glendallo Gamblin Man.
Challenge Bitch-Dr. E. W. and Mrs H Cramer's Ch. Myoene Polyanna

1. H. J. and Mrs Amos' Lentoray Lady Velvet.
2. J.W. and Mrs K. Aldridges Myoene Miranda
3. Miss B Moss’ Clangarry Candy Queen

4. R.C. and Mrs J. E. Lane's Montmorag Modern Milly.
5. Westkirk Kennels Westkirk Wedding Belle
1. Mrs D.Atkins' Ch. Montmorag Movie Star.
2. B.J. Marsden’s Myoene Lady Fair

3. I. N. and Mrs Rand's Brongai Ballerina,
4. J. and Mrs Wilson's Ch. Sheilmont Selina
5. Mylyindy Kennels' Myoene Margurite
1. R. C. and Mrs McMahon's ch. Montmorag Madam Fiesta

2. Dr E. W.and Mrs Cramer's Blackoods Bo Peep.
3. Mrs J. Eastwood's Clangarry Clara Beau
4. Hylinden Kennels' Ch.Hylinden Hi Fi.
5. Mrs H. Ireland's and J. Sheri's Glendallo Gleeful.
1. & Ch. Dr. E. W. and Mrs H. Cramer's Ch. Myoene Polyanna.

2. & Res. Ch. Mrs W. Osborne's and A. Sorensen's Ch Glendallo Gay Countess.
3. K. S. Whitehouse's Ch. Keranlyn Crystal.
4. Mrs J. R. Yager's Lochshiel Lady Shaan 5. Hylinden Kennels Ch. Hylinden Honey Brook

SPECIAL PRIZES The Wynne Thompson Memorial Trophy for the best Junior bitch: Mrs D. Atkins' Ch Montmorag Movie Star


The Collie Club of- N.S.W Show at Woodward Park Liverpool- received support from 96 dogs for Mr G. Cox to adjudicate. He chose Osborne and Sorenson’s Open Class winner Ch. Glendallo Gamblin Man, a three-year-old which must now be in double figures for this type of award.
Runner-up was the chall-enge bitch Ch. Myoene Polyanna for owner breeders Dr. and Mrs E. Cramer.
This club is now engaged in a fund raising effort, similar to that of the Boxer Club of N.S.W. to provide funds for guide dogs for the blind to be bought and trained.
Baby Puppy Hollyhock Kupi Doll, Mrs N. Doody
Minor Drambuie Gay Duchess Mrs A Linquist
Puppy Richlindon Rendezvous, Mr. and Mrs J. Richter
Junior Myoene Big Daddy Dr. and Mrs E. Cramer
Intermediate Ch. Westkirk Waltztime Westkirk Kennels
Australian Bred Glentracey Hylinden Lea, Hylinden Kennels.


Ch. Myoene Polyanna
Reg. 93764 born 20th August 1965
Sire: Myoene Shane 57771
Dam: Ch. Myoene Charmer 28870
Breeder/Owner: Dr. EW and Mrs HC Cramer

Challenge Bitch Sydney Royal 1968


Ch. Glendallo Gamblin Man
Ch. Glendallo Gamblin Man
Reg: 93209 born 7th July 1965
Sire: Ch. Ralveras meadow Minstrel (imp. UK)
Dam: Ch. Glendallo Gay Duchess
Breeder/Owner: Mrs W. Osborne and Mr. A. Sorenson

Challenge Dog Sydney Royal 1968


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