Many of these photos have been rescued from old and faded newspaper clippings. If any reader has a better copy of any particular dog I would be grateful. Also for dogs of this period not included.

Int. Ch. Lochinvar of Lady Park
Born 1947
Sire: Eden Examine
Dam: Beulah Golden Flora
Breeder: Miss P. M. Grey U.K
Eng. & Aust. Ch. Glenlusset Superb
eg. 59158 Born 3rd May 1951
Sire: Ch. Chapleburn Ivor
Glenlusset Debutante
Breeder: Mr. W. Tow UK
Owner: Mr. G. and J. Sharman
Ch. Tenilba Dusky Belle
Reg: 60,123 Born 23rd Feb. 1954
Sire: Ch. Edendale Emblem
Dam: Ch. Tenilba Gay Romance
Owner: Mrs G. Osborne
Ch. Edendale Emblem
Sire: Eden Exporter
Dam: Buchan Rhonda
Breeder: Mrs E. Everingham
Ch. Wenamba Golden Flame (imp. U.K.)
Reg: 70,003 Born 6th June 1953
Sire: Eng. Ch. Westcarrs Whistler
Dam: Lullaby of Ladypark
Owner: Wyamba kennels Mrs E. Warwick
Ch Tenilba Sapper
Ch. Eden Hewburn Emerald (imp.UK)
Reg. 65941 Born 25th Nov. 1953
Sire Warrier of Wessingvil
Dam: Eden Effigy
Owner: Mr. D. J. watts
Ch. Edendale Enoch
Sire: Eden Exporter
Dam: Ch. Lady Luck of Edendale
Breeder: Mrs E. Everingham
Ch. Glendallo Glitter Gem
Reg: 69009 Born 1st July 1955
Sire: Eng. Ch. Glenlusset Superb
Dam: Ch. Tenilba Dusky Belle
Breeder: Mrs G. Osborne
Owner: B. & I. McConkey
Ch. Glendallo Dauntless
Reg. 68466 Born 1st June 1955
Sire: Eng: Ch. Glenlusset Superb (Imp.)
Dam: Ch Tenilba Dusky Belle
Breeder: Mrs G. Osborne
Owner: Mr. C. Pascoe
Ch. Eden Culgaith Prima Donna (Imp. UK)
Reg. 59922
Sire: Ch. Eden Rip of Ladywell
Dam: Eden Exclusive
Owner: Mr. D. Watts
Ch. Glendallo Guardsman
Reg: Born
Sire: Ch. Edendale Emblem
Dam: Ch. La Belle of Glendallo
Breeder: Mrs G. Osborne
Ch. Grand Duke of Delmar
Reg: 24047
Sire: Ch. Wallumatta Kiltie
Dam: Ch. Wallumatta Heather lass
Breeder: Mr. D. Watts
Ch. Coonadoo Rastus
Reg. 69317 Born 11th June 1955
Sire: Coonadoo Rebel
Dam: Coonadoo Miss Vanity
Breeder: F. G. and Mrs V. Stocker
Ch. Logie Brae Le Roi
Reg. 584 Born 9th December 1955
Sire: Ch. Edendale Escort
Dam: Ch. Logie Brae Lady Luck
Breeder: Mr. T. Creighton
Owner: Mr. T.P. & Mrs C. Creighton
Ch. Bon Lomond Brendon
Reg. 545 Born 25th Nov. 1955
Sire: Eng. Ch. Glenlusset Superb (impUK)
Dam: Edenglen Empress
Owner: A. Pfeiffer
Ch. Ralveras Meadow Minstrel (imp. UK.)
Sire: Mywicks Meadow Lancer
Dam: Inglebrooks Wen Jenny
Ch. Glendallo Gloaming
Reg: 10,357 Born 31st March 1957
Sire: Ch. Glandallo Guardsman
Dam: Ch. Tenilba Dusky Belle
Breeder: Mrs G. Osborne
Owner: Mr. A. Sorenson
Ch. Glenvale Tinker Belle
Reg: 10,874 Born 3rd may 1957
Sire: Eng. Ch. Eden hewburn Emerald (imp.)
Dam: Ch. Glenvale Roslyn
Owner: K.S. and Miss L. Whitehouse
Ch. Glenwarren Suzanne
Reg: 13450 Born15th July 1957
Sire: Ch. Glendallo Guardsman
Dam: Warrendale Gypsy
Owner: Mrs B. & O. James
Ch. Delmar Heather Belle
Reg. 32955
Sire: Ch. Grand Duke of Delmar
Dam: Duchess of Garrick
Breeder: Mr. D. Watts
Ch. Myoene Charmer
Reg. 28870 Born 30th May 1959
Sire: Imp. UK Limerick of Ladypark
Dam: Glenissa Contessa CD
Breeder: Dr. E.W. & Mrs H.C. Cramer

Owner: Dr. E.W. and Mrs H.C. Cramer
Tom Creighton & Mrs Eileen Everingham
Logie Brae Line up at Royal
Ch. Glendallo Gossip
Reg. 29,806 Born 23rd Sept. 1959
Sire; Ch. Glendallo Guardsman
Dam: Ch. Tenilba Dusky Belle
Breeder: A. Sorenson & Mrs G. Osborne
Ch. Delmar Glamorous Sue
Breeder: Mr. D. Watts
Ch. Lyngai Prince Charming
Reg. born
Sire: Ch. Ralveras Meadow Minstrel
Retta of Rokeby U.K.
Sire: Ch. Danvis Damacus
Dam: Miss Chief of Rockey
Breeder: Mr. & Mrs J. Eglin
Is dam of Witchcraft of Rokey
Ch. Antoc Vicar of Bray U.K.
39076/65 2969AY Born
Sire: Ch. Larkena Varnara Golden Victor
Dam: Antoc Rose Marie
Breeder: Mrs A. Speding
Ch. Carramar Comedy King (imp. Eng.)
Reg. 11708/60 (37936) Born 28h Nov. 1959
Sire: Ch. Rhodelands Boy
Dam: Westcarrs Blue Myrobella
Breeder: J. Sargeant U.K.
Ch. Carramar Comedy King
Ch. Glenwarren Lucifer
Reg. 24539 Born 23rd Jan. 1959
Sire: Ch. Warrendale Oratus
Dam: Glendallo Gay Trilby
Owner: Mrs M. Lacey
Arranbrook Fancy That (Imp UK.)
Date of birth
Sire: Sandgreat Sorrocco of Arranbrook
Dam: Aarranbrook Razzle Dazzle
Ch Braden Serenade
Reg: Born 25th March 1956
Sire: Logie Brae Leo
Dam: Ch Braeden Soubrette
Breeder Owner Braden Kennels
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