Myoene Kennels Continued.

The mating of Ch. Myoene Charmer back to her father Ch. Limerick of Ladypark has already been mentioned in the early pages under Glenissa Contessa CD. This also proved a very successful mating with probably the most widely known progeny being Ch. Myoene Prima Donna and Ch. Myoene Aristocrat. Both proved very successful in the show-ring and contributed greatly to the Breed as dam and sire.

CH. MYOENE PRIMA DONNA born 16th June 1960 sable and white Reg. 37987
Sire:- Ch. Limerick of Lady Park (Imp. Eng.) 35927/55 S.A. 8384
Dam:- Ch. Myoene Charmer 28870
Bred and owned by Dr. E.W. and Mrs H.C.Cramer

Prima Donna was a delight to own and a delight to show. At home she had all the qualities asked for in a pet. She loved the children and people in general whilst still being a good watchdog. She grew the correct Collie coat, fitting the outline of her body, with the outer coat straight and harsh to the touch. Standing on the alert she made a beautiful picture, with correctly laid back shoulders sloping into a well-arched neck which displayed great balance and top line of body. However, her greatest asset and possibly what always caught the judge’s eye was her movement. With a good reach in front and strong drive behind she could move effortlessly around the ring without ever appearing to tire. Unfortunately, I didn’t always have the same stamina and at times suffered the consequence, which is what happened at a Sydney Royal when doing laps around the ring for Best Exhibit in Show. She was blessed with a good head and expression during a period when there were too many receding skulls and overshot mouths.
    I can remember Percy Roberts saying to my husband, after he had handled her whilst still a puppy, in the challenge line up at Sydney Royal. "This young bitch will have her day. She should have a great future." His words proved to be very true and in over forty years of breeding collies, despite having bred and judged many top quality dogs, non have equalled Donna.
    Donna was also an excellent brood bitch. She had large litters and continued to rear them until they were eight to nine weeks old. Two of her puppies were sent to the USA for breeding purposes. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, the family we sold them to went out of dogs and we lost touch. Despite the large litters and feeding her pups for so long she bloomed with health and grew her coat back very rapidly.
    She died at the age of nine from a bait. I shall never forget the morning we found her in her kennel alive, but in extreme agony which, judging by by the scratched Kennel walls and door, she had obviously suffered all night. She lived just long enough to thump her tail as a goodbye gesture.

Champion MYOENE PRIMA DONNA - at 11 months

The following wins — all under the age of twelve months:

Best in Show (all breeds), Katoomba and Blue Mountains Kennel Club.
Runner-up to Best in Show (all breeds), Newcastle and
Northern Districts K.C.
Five times Best Puppy in Show (all breeds).
Seven Best Non-sporting Puppy.
Twice Best Non-sporting Exhibit.
Twice Runner-up, Non-sporting.
Best Non-sporting Puppy at the Royal Easter Show

I have entered a few old newspaper clippings, as an interest for myself and because other breeds of dogs are named, which could be helpful to some people.

Ch. Myoene Prima Donna At 11 months
· Katoomba

The Collie, Myoene Prima Donna, owned by Dr. and Mrs. Cramer, had a field day at the Katoomba and Blue Mountains K.C. show.

This young bitch was awarded best puppy, open and exhibit-in-show by Mr. Harold Norman.

Runner-up went to the well-known Kerry blue, Ch. Fermoy True to Form, owned by Miss J. Butter-worth.

· Bulli

The Miniature Black Poodle Ch. Jalahalli Jeronimo staged a comeback at the Bulli K .C. show under Mr. R. Burnell for his owner Mrs. R. Dunlop, by winning beat exhibit-in-show.

Runner-Up from the 600 dogs was awarded to K. and Mrs. Allen’s wire foxy Ch. Foxwyre Flash Gem.

OTHER WINNERS.—Three-Year Old and Working: R. and Mrs. O’Donnell’s Border Collie. Ch. Ninda Mundai. Junior: S. Rawson’s cocker Shangri-la Skybolt. Puppy: Dr. and Mrs. Cramer’s collie, Myoene Prima Donna. Baby Puppy: Mrs. Green’s wire foxie. Moreden Mannequin. Gun Dog (J. Poet): C. and J. Dwyer’s cocker, Maru Caroline Toy (T. Martin): H. and Mrs. Ireland’s peke, Ch. Peking Debonair Ming. Sporting (Mrs. P. Simon): Korbach Kennels dachshund. Nilibua Melody.


At the age of ten months
A multi Puppy in Show All Breeds Winner
And Best Of Breed Collie

Ch. Myoene Prima Donna
Aged seven years
Multi Best in Show All Breeds Winner

Ch. Myoene Prima Donna
Aged nine years
The year she was poisoned


Thursday, Feb. 1, 1962 The LAND

Another Best In Show Award To.
Myoene Prima Donna

FOLLOWING a temporary absence from the show ring, Dr. and Mrs. E. Cramer's home-bred Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, made a successful reappearance to take out best in show and best working dog at Southern Highlands K.C. Show.

Main awards were judged by Mr. W. Spilstead who has been away from Australia for two years and was making his first appearance in the show ring.

Runner-up, best under three years and Gundog Group winner was the blue roan cocker spaniel Lambrigg the Squatter, owned and bred by lambrigg kennels, moss vale.
Best Australian Bred
& runner-up in the Non -Sporting Group was Miss P. Greenwood’s standard Poodle Ch. Detroyes Pernod C.D.X.
The Junior Award went to the Sporting Group Winner Mr. T. Knight’ Standard Smooth Haired dachshund, Ch. Leura Liberace, who the day before had been Best in show at Dapto.
Best Minor
puppy was the Australian cattle dog, Tharwa Remus, owned by Mr. R. Cowan.


Mrs F. Polman
. Ch. Aureate China Son (Pug) Mrs G. Lord
Mr. J. Maude
B.I.G. Ch. Gilavon Gold Dust (Bull Terrier) Gilavon kennels.
Miss M. Ouvaroff
B.I.G. Lambrigg The Squatter (Cocker Spaniel)
Mr. C.B. Matthews
B.I.G. Ch. Leura Liberace (Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund) Mr. T. Knight
Mr W. Spilstead
B.I.G. Ch. Tavey’s Stormy Nonpareil (imp) Tasso kennels
Mr. H. West
B.I.G. Ch. Myoene Prima Donna (Collie) Dr. & Mrs E. Cramer
Ch. Myoene Prima Donna Sutherland Highlands Kennel Club


Mr. H. Norman judging the main awards at Hornsby Shire A. & H. Society's Annual Show selected Dr. and Mrs. E. Cramer's Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, as Best in Show from the 652 entries.

This one was also Best Working Dog and Best Intermediate Exhibit.

Best Open and Best Gun Dog was Mr. and Mrs. G. Hunter's imported Cocker Spaniel Eng. Ch. Winter Yana of Weirdene who recently was Best in Show at Taree.

Best Australian Bred was Mrs. A. Pickering's Golden Retriever Ch Kyvalley Bubble which also has been prominent of late.

Best Toy and Best Junior Exhibit in Show was Mrs G. Lord's Pug Teng Wah China Tam a well bred one with quality.

Best Minor and Best Puppy awards went to the Scottish Terrier Kitchmann Rocket owned and bred by Mr. F. Jeffree, while of the Baby Puppies the main winner was; Mr and Mrs. A. Wilson's Pekingese Fanland Tang Yu Lee.

Trophies were excellent and the committee is, to be congratulated on the high standard of the fixture.


Mr. H Norman
PUG : Teng Wah China Tam (Mr. G. Lord)

Mr. H. Norman
(Mr. F. Jeffree)

Mr. J. Crawley
COCKER SPANIEL: Eng. Ch. Winter Yana Weirdene (imp) Mr. & Mrs G. Hunter

Mr. C. Funnell
DACHSHUND MINI. SMOOTH HAIRED: Marryin Man (Windswept Kennels)

Mrs D.F. Scott
COLLIE Ch. Myoene Prima Donna
(Dr. and Mrs E.W. Cramer) Best in Show

Mr. A. Gammidge
German Shepherd Ch. Grejon Marajah

(La salle Kennels)

Dog Notes
by Roy Burnell

MR. A. Forbes, judging main awards at the Toy and General Dog Club summer show which drew entries from nearly 700 dogs, selected as his best in show Working Group winning Collie, Ch. Myoene Prime Donna. She was also best Intermediate Exhibit for owner breeders Dr. and Mrs. E. Cramer. This would be her sixth best in show award

Runner-up to her was the Terrier Group winning Wired Haired Fox Terrier Foxwyre Vanity Fair, owned by Mr. K. Allen. To her went the Australian Bred trophy.
Best Baby Puppy in show was again Mr. P. Mahady's Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund Prospect Dachred Dawn, while Best Puppy was Messrs Doherty and Crowley’s Beagle Martinique Miss Lu Lu.
Of the Juniors Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dobson's Boxer Ravenfels Jungle Doctor, a well-bred one received the main award.
Mr. W. O'Neill's well-known German Shepherd was Reserve Challenge.


First All-Breeds show for 1963 at P’matta

THE first Metropolitan all-breeds show, for 1963, was held by the Toy and General Dog Club at Parramatta showground last Sunday. The entry of slightly fewer than 700 dogs was caused by intense heat which keeps many people away from dog shows at Parramatta and Inland at this time of the year.

General Specials were judged by Mr. Alan Forbes. Best-in-Show and Intermediate was the well known Collie, Ch. Myoene prima Donna, owned by Dr. and Mrs E.W. Cramer.


Top Exhibits Compete DOG NOTES

At Big Lidcombe Show

LIDCOMBE Kennel Club's championship show attracted an entry from almost 800 individual dogs, numbered amongst which were most of the State's best exhibits.

Mr. H. Norman, who judged the General Specials, selected as his best in show Dr. and Mrs, E. Cramer's Collie. Ch. Myoene Prima Donna.

Runner-up to her and winner of the Terrier Group was another with a grand record of top wins, Miss J. Butterworth’s Kerry Blue Terrier Ch. Fermoy True To Form.

Best of the reserve challenge winners and Best Junior was the Welsh Corgi Tymawr Vanquisher owned by Mrs S. Hayes.

The consistently winning Scottish Terrier, Ch Maebow Jo-Anne, again accounted for best Australasian-bred for owner breeders Mr. and Mrs F Rainbow. Winner of the Sporting Group and best under three years was Mr. Tom Knight’s Standard, Ch. Leura Liberace. Puppies Mr. and Mrs E. Daniels Cocker Spaniel, Dandaul Dominizue Too whilst Minor was another cocker, Mr. and Mrs W. Haywoods import, Franjac Foreign Affair.
A promising Collie, Glendallo gay Duchess, was best Baby Puppy for Mr. A. Sorenson and Mrs W. Osborne.

Collie Takes The
Top Award

THE major show last week, was the
Lidcombe K.C., which attracted
886 dogs, with Mr. Harold Norman
judging Working Dogs and General Specials

Exhibitors were well catered for, as the specials totalled 10 awards, of which half went to the working Group.
Dr. and Mrs Cramer’s Ch. Myoene Prima Donna won the supreme award, as best open and exhibit-in-show. She is in top form at the moment with nice ruff, abundant coat, very typical head, eye, and ears.



Ch. Myoene Prima Donna
owned and bred by Dr.and Mrs. E. W.Cramer, Oyster Bay, was Best Bitch in Show All Breeds, and Best Opposite sex to the imported Afghan Hound Eng. Ch.Mazari of Carloway, at the Sydney Royal 1965, from an entry of 3,512 dogs. She was also Best Dog or Bitch, Working Dog Group.
    Approaching her 5th birthday, Prima Donna has been an outstanding winner from puppyhood. She has won 8 Best in Show awards (all Breeds) Three runner up in show awards Plus innumerable other General Special, Best of Group and Breed awards.

Besides all this, she has been an excellent brood bitch and has whelped and reared two litters, each containing nine puppies, of which the off spring have also being Best in Show all Breeds winners.
    The Reserve Challenge winning bitch in Collies to Ch.Myoene Prima Donna was Ch. Brongai Bambee, which was sired by Dr. and Mrs.Cramer's Ch. Myoene Aristocrat, a litter brother to Prima Donna, from Myoene Melody Gai owned by Mr and Mrs I. Rand, from Penshurst.

RAS Kennel Control Journal
Mr. Fred Cross judging

FROM the packed ringside at the Sydney Royal 1965, the swift moving, elegant, monkey-faced hound, English champion Mazari of Carlway (imp) was a most popular choice for best dog or bitch in show.

With his long, thick, silky coat, silky topknot, short saddle along the top line well-feathered legs extending down to his typical large feet, this dog handled to perfection by his owner David Roche, of Adelaide looked a winner all the way.

Hounds were judged by well known All - Breed judge Jack Maude, whose family has been respected in the 'fancy’ for nigh on a century. The bevy of quality that he sent forward for Englishman Fred Cross, to select from on the final day was almost certainly the strongest of the six groups.

From the record entry of 3537 dogs, the line-up from this group for best male hound, contained 16 dogs 12 of whom were champions, with three English champions the whippet C. Playmate of Allways, the Standard Longhaired Dachshund, Ch. Red Rock of Albany and the Afghan Hound.

Winner of the K. M. Olver Trophy for Best Dachshund, T. Knight's Ch. Leura Liberace was also in the line-up and was awarded reserve to the Afghan.

Best Bitch in Show was awarded to the only bitch that won a group – this was rather significant of the fact that the bitches appeared to be much weaker than the dogs. A very worthy winner she was also Best Dog or Bitch in the Working Dog Group, Dr. and Mrs E. Cramer's Collie, Ch. Myoene Prima Donna.

She was shown in top form, could have carried a little more coat, which is a seasonal problem in this breed at this time of the year. She moved well and was at attention practically the whole time.

Best Working dog, the Kelpie, Mrs P. Giles, Winooka Dodger looked an almost certain winner. He is a good height dog with typical sharp expression, sound bone, legs, and feet, good weather resistant red coat finished with a nice brush carried well.

Hound bitches did not appear to have the quality of the dogs and here the winner was the New Zealand bred basenji, L.E. Barker's Portia of Clendon.

Toys generally did not have the glamour of previous years. The best bitch was O. Steer and R. Foster’s Pekingese, Windermere Alcheringa and the Best dog or Bitch Mrs K. F. Hilton’s Pekingese Ch. Tientsin Aladdin’s Lamp.

Similarly Terriers that contained last year’s best male in show did not appear to have the quality right down the line that one expects at this show of shows. Best Bitch In this group went to the Scottish Terrier P. Brunnel's Ch. Kitchermann Kiltartan, a short, low to the ground fiery sort with good head, eye and expression. Best Terrier dog or Bitch was another imported dog, owned by the same kennel as the best in show winner D. Roche’s, Gosmore Paddy.

Non Sporting dogs were most impressive with a line up chockful of quality. The winner here was Miss P. Greenwood’s Ch. Marsail Astronaut, an upstanding black Standard Poodle, that moved around the ring to perfection. He went on to beat the bitch winner, the short compact, beautifully presented Minature Schnauzer, K.J. and R.D. brown’s Ch. Casa Verde Zipper for Best of Group.

Gun Dogs were rather disappointing here. Once again, the qua1ity was not consistent with previous years. The Best of Group was a strongly made, well boned, short compact Labrador, R. C. Clarke's CH. Karnmore Ruler.

Best Gundog Bitch was a very nice, upstanding blue roan Cocker bitch. K. R. and Mrs. Daniels' Ch. Dandaul Dominique Too.

This bitch with her splendid telescopic head, grand length of leather, nice topline, and ground-covering properties is a welcoming change from many of the stuffy types we have been getting in this breed.

In the puppy awards there was some some nice quality for future years. Here the best dog, Miss M Allison's Collie, Drambuie Diplomat was well presented with good semi-pricked ears, nice length and refinement of head and sound action. He beat the puppy bitch Miss J. and Mrs Herbert’s Standard Smooth dachshund, Karinghall Bryahne for the Best Puppy award.

Top marks must be given to the organisers for the final day’s judging.


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