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Ch. Bluemorn Leading Lady
Bluemorn My Contessa
Ch. Bluemorn Scott Dundee
Ch. Brentland Bacaret
Ch. Brentland Beaujolais
Brentland Be lovable
Ch. Brentland Black Onyx
Ch Brentland By Chance
Ch. Brongai Boomer
Ch. Brongai Brett
Ch. Cathkin After Dark
Ch. Cathkin Painted Black

Ch. Cathkin Raphendale
Ch. Cathkin Sable Intrigue
Cherrylea Country Tweed

Ch. Cnocmoy Miss Penelope
Ch. Cnocmoy Mr. Aristocrat
Ch. Cnocmoy Noble Intrigue
Ch. Cnocmoy Noble Liege

Ch. Coneshane Harris Tweed
Ch. Glendallo Golden Shades
Ch. Glenroyal Glory Bound
Ch. Glyngai Star Dancer
Ch. Kazjs Khaki Amber

Ch. Kentroy Sans Sparkle
Ch. Kollylock Dark Secret

Ch. Kollylock Emma Black
Ch. Kollylock My Mystic

Ch. Lamerton Gold Sovereign
Ch. Scotsdream Dirty Dancing

Ch. Scotsdream Heaven NHell
Ch. Shielmont Black Muscat
Ch. Tysue Double Trouble
Ch. Valworrom Ned Kelly
Ch. Valworrom Miami Vice
Ch. Willgrove Majestic
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