The generations in the following pedigrees are correct to my knowledge.
However many of the older generation were taken from books which at times were contradictory. I would be grateful for any corrections and missing dogs within pedigree.
INDEX PEDIGREES     Listed by Year of Birth

Imp. Eng. Ch. Eden Hewburn Emerald 1953
Imp. Eng. Ch. Wenambo Golden Flame 1953
Imp. Eng. Limerick of Ladypark 1955
Glenissa Glamorous 1957, Glenissa Contessa, Ch. Glenissa Skyeta, Glenissa General 1958
Ch. Myoene Charmer, Ch. Myoene Peek A Boo, Ch. Myoene Pride and Joy, Ch.Myoene Paladin, Myoene Playboy 1959
Ch. Myoene Prima Donna, Aus. & NZ Ch. Myoene Aristocrat, Myoene Brigand 1960
Ch. Glentracey Hylinden Lea 1964
Ch. Myoene Big Daddy, Ch. Myoene Pacemaker, Ch. Myoene Donna's Daughter 1967
Ch. Valworrom Miami Vice 1986
Bluemorn My Contessa 1987
Ch. Myoene Big Shot 1991
Ch. Myoene Gettingto Knowyou 1994
Grand Ch. Myoene MacAlister, Ch. Myoene Forever Amber, Myoene Scarlette O'Hara, Myoene Dusky Belle, Myoene Real McCoy 1996
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