Tomorrow's Dawn

Love is immortal Death but an Horizon....

   By Helen Catherine Cramer

    When I started to write poetry after Cathy's death, it was a spontaneous reaction. Never with the idea of publication. Usually the poems were written when I was at my lowest ebb. I found writing my thoughts a soothing outlet for my grief. Many memories I found almost impossible to deal with until put to paper.
    The shoes sat on my kitchen floor, where Cathy has stood, the day we said goodbye, for many weeks until I wrote the poem. Then I was able to pack them away.
    The Tree and The Breeze were as if God's answer to my urgent prayer.
    Only as my diary grew and I shared it with others did the idea of a book eventuate. A book to share with others in grief. Gods love and promise of eternal life to all who sought Him.
    It is presented in its original form from my diary with out literary correction. Some days and months more prolific in poetry, tapering off in March and April 1982 after the tragic death of my young nephew, in a cliff fall, at the age of thirteen.
   Grief is never shared alone. It can enter our lives with out warning. Love, hope in trust in God are the means by which we cope with it. I hope that the sharing of my thoughts with others may bring comfort.

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