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‘LOST IDENTITY’ – ‘The Growth of a Lie’ - Announced;

New Book From Australia’s New Hope of Fiction

The mystery unfolds based on a lie told without thought or plan.


Writer Helen Catherine Cramer today announced the release of the highly anticipated 'Lost Identity'
(ISBN # 9781742841922), a relationship and family saga which involves love, tragedy and intrigue, sure to please fans of family entanglement.

Set during 1927 – 1967 in both Britain and Australia, the author creates a historic panorama in which the central characters are identical twins, Clara and Carla. The similarity of their names becomes a catalyst for the development of the story, and the unfolding, of the tangled web of deceit, finally comes to rest when the truth is discovered.

The story arches around the patterns of their life from birth to adulthood and shows how love, fate, jealousy and family commitments changed their lives.

'One month after Sam’s funeral she made travel arrangements and telegraphed to Carla, in London, that she was coming. A telegram which, according to staff at Travis Publishing, had turned Carla into a raving lunatic,' writes Helen Catherine Cramer in her book.

In the twins, the author has crafted vibrant and rich characters with multi-dimensional conflict, and emotions that move the action forward. Every page and passage rings true to its genre, equipped with the author’s personal style of storytelling.

Helen Catherine Cramer is a retired nurse. She is married to a medical doctor and they have four children, the youngest now deceased. Until recently she was a successful breeder of Scotch Collies and is currently an All Breeds Dog judge.

She has written since childhood. Lost Identity is her first novel, although she has successfully published four other non fiction books. For more information, please visit


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