The growth of a Lie
                                             Helen Catherine Cramer

Set in 1927 – 1960

            Lost Identity is a relationship and family saga which involves love, tragedy and intrigue. It moves between rural Australia and Britain where the story unfolds, based on a lie told without thought or plan.

  The central characters are identical twins, Clara, Carla.  Born after years of childlessness to Bridget and Sam O’Hara, the similarity of their names becomes a catalyst for the development of the story. It follows the patterns of their life from birth to adulthood and shows how love, fate, jealousy and family commitments changed their lives.

        Jimmy Duggan, a childhood friend, moves throughout, the story, a victim of circumstances and - his own decisions. The unfolding, of the tangled web of deceit, finally comes to rest when the truth is discovered.

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ISBN: 9781742841922


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