Day by Day

    Sequel to Tomorrow's Dawn
                                      A Mothers walk through grief... 
                            By Helen Catherine Cramer

   Day by Day has been a difficult book for me to finalise. Each new day has brought a new experience in grief, a new sharing with others their own particular traumas. I have grown in understanding, not only of my own grief, but also that of the many others who have suffered even worse heart break than my own - yet I can imagine no worse pain. Parents who have lost not one but several children. Parents who suffer the pain of kidnap, murder and suicide. I have grown in their strength and faith.
    Possibly I could continue writing Day by Day for years to come as each new experience of dealing with grief presents itself. However, as the fifth anniversary of Cathy's accident draws near, I realise it is time to close a chapter. Time to bring to a close the second of the two books I have envisaged.
    As with Tomorrows Dawn, Day by Day has been written from the heart. Poems dated and fleeting thoughts included. I have also included a variety of poetry by other writers because of the comfort I found in them. Many were published over one hundred years ago. Unfortunately, even then were anonymous.
    I hope that both Tomorrow's Dawn and Day by Day will be read, not only by the suffering, but also others that they may understand.

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