The photo at the left shows an elderly lady at prayer in a quiet nook on Apparition Hill. The locals visit daily to pray the Rosary and daily Mass is a common occurence.
   The other photos were taken at a dwelling which I noticed as we left Apparition Hill. The elderly lady was in the yard and she invited my husband and me to visit. Unfortunately her English was poor and I could not understand Croation; but somehow gathered that she was the wife of the man the children had first fled to for help. This was verified by a visitor who called by. She had no doubt the Apparitions were true and we enjoyed her hospitality until it was time for her to leave for evening mass.

An elderly woman at prayer
Apparition Hill
The yard in the home at the bottom of Apparition hill
One of the two dwellings in the yard above
Main dwelling with author and owner
Author and husband with owner.
I have included the two photos to show the roof of the building and the gentleness of the people as my hand is clasped in friendship.
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