Interpreters speak to pilgrims 1993
Group's interpreter Jeljka Ostojic on left.
Father Peter Ljubicic and author 1993
Father Ljubicic, is the priest chosen by Mirjana to reveal the secrets when Our Lady wishes them known.
Our Hosts with author 1993
Our Hosts and family with author's husband
Pilgrim Priest (Aust.) Takes time out to play with local children. 1995
Rescuing ball and child from tree
The children love to play.
Casualities after visit to hospital Cutnik.
Jure Jerkovic, with his daughter Sandra Petkovic and author's husband Erle Cramer. 1993
The Injured pondering their misfortune
Hosts Milena and Pavo Cubela 1995
Sanya Jerkovic Interpreter 1995
Father Svet 1995
Father Slavko Barbaric
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