26th June 1995 Capjlina Refugee
       On the 26th June 1995 we travelled by bus to the Capjlina Refugee Camp. The railway carriages had been home to many for several years, some of the babies having been born there.
        Despite their poverty the people showed great courage and greeted the bags of clothing and food with thanks and joy. The men were grateful for just one cigarette, whilst the children were excited to receive the various bags of lollies.
Bishop H. Kennedy, who was much loved by all on this pilgrimage to Medjugorje, was soon the most popular with the children as he distributed the sweets.
Despite the language difficulty there was a hospitality and sharing so that the time passed quickly and as we waved goodbye, it was as though we were saying goodbye to old friends.
Bishop Kennedy offering sweets to the children
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